Definition of overoptimistically in US English:



  • See overoptimistic

    • ‘‘In my view, many of the studies using bone marrow-derived stem cells have so far been interpreted over-optimistically.’’
    • ‘So what if the guy repeatedly emailed you asking for the update you had over-optimistically told him he would have.’
    • ‘But he doesn't want to be portrayed as a playboy, he frets rather over-optimistically.’
    • ‘They were ‘partners, unequal no doubt in power but still equal in counsel’, he over-optimistically claimed.’
    • ‘Or at least I, perhaps over-optimistically, aspired to humorous irreverence but let's move on.’
    • ‘Provision was made for up to 150 to attend - somewhat over-optimistically, she felt.’
    • ‘When life insurance companies became more competitive, they began buying up estate agents and over-optimistically projecting policies to offer the cheapest premiums.’
    • ‘Now, perhaps over-optimistically, she hopes that I'm a Celebrity… will be her relaunch pad back into the public eye: ‘There's a TV show that I want to present and I need to raise my profile in order to do it.’’
    • ‘Every so often a hurricane comes through and chews off a hunk of beach, where someone has over-optimistically built a vacation home.’
    • ‘We must also remind all citizens and the ruling and opposition camps to not hold on to unrealistic illusions about cross-strait peace or to over-optimistically believe that peace is at hand.’
    • ‘On the other hand the private purchase in 1846 of Philip IV Hunting Wild Boar, over-optimistically attributed to Velázquez, for £2,200, provoked howls of protest.’