Definition of overnight in US English:



Pronunciation /ˌōvərˈnīt//ˌoʊvərˈnaɪt/
  • 1For the duration of a night.

    ‘they refused to stay overnight’
    • ‘Rather than doing his military duty, he stayed overnight at the house of the bishop, talking all night with him.’
    • ‘‘Both nights there were people who stayed overnight there,’ said Phillips.’
    • ‘I'll be staying overnight with my friend Peter.’
    • ‘It was then on to Innsbruck where we stayed overnight.’
    • ‘We stayed overnight in a watchtower close to the altar.’
    • ‘Young people were keen to learn how to maintain physical stamina while trekking, control water consumption, and find out how to stay overnight in unfamiliar forest areas.’
    • ‘The party will then stay overnight in a hotel, before returning to Castlecroft to watch the second half of the first semi-final and then prepare for their match which kicks off at 1pm.’
    • ‘After the prayer at Baiturrahman Mosque, the president was to have dinner at the governor's official residence, where she would stay overnight.’
    • ‘If my parents were away overnight I would stay up all night in the kitchen with the lights and music on really low to stop an intruder.’
    • ‘The Northern Ireland association offers women a booklet containing details of the Liverpool hotels offering support packages for those having to stay overnight.’
    • ‘But to stay here overnight and look up at the night sky… it's worth it.’
    • ‘‘We are also looking at other ways of allowing parents to stay overnight with their children,’ he said.’
    • ‘Others chose to stay in Horseshoe Bay overnight.’
    • ‘As I've said already, Mulder had never even stayed out overnight before last week - tonight will be the ninth night he's been absent.’
    • ‘But it's difficult to shake off the notion that day surgery somehow short-changes you as a patient; you don't have the reassurance of being able to stay in overnight.’
    • ‘They departed from The Hollow Bar on Saturday morning and travelled by coach to Enniscorthy where they stayed overnight and enjoyed the local hospitality.’
    • ‘Luckily, she found an acquaintance she could stay with overnight and by the following day, most of the crowd were allowed through the checkpoint.’
    • ‘I don't want anyone getting ideas about moving into my flat… they can stay overnight, but that's as far as it goes.’
    • ‘At the moment the only exceptions were when the fair was in town to allow the workers to stay overnight and on Bonfire Night.’
    • ‘The guests, who will be taken on a whistlestop tour of Killarney's pubs, will stay overnight at the fivestar Hotel Dunloe Castle in Killarney.’
    1. 1.1 During the course of a night.
      ‘you can recharge the battery overnight’
      • ‘Haas led by two strokes overnight and quickly leaked both of them.’
      • ‘I've even tried my grandmother's recipe, which was so incredibly old-fashioned you actually had to wait overnight before you could use the batter.’
      • ‘Charlie reads a grammar book overnight and his punctuation instantly improves.’
      • ‘Were you surprised with all the changes made overnight how quickly you got the car up to speed?’
      • ‘The course was affected by a heavy frost overnight.’
      • ‘If you've ever noticed how quickly a helium filled balloon deflates overnight you'll understand the effect of tiny molecules stored under pressure in leaky containers.’
      • ‘The fire began yesterday and grew quickly overnight.’
      • ‘In both cases, a properly-run bank or broker would limit the extent of the positions which the trader was permitted to have open, either in the course of a day's trading or overnight.’
      • ‘Since most EVs are recharged overnight, TOU metering is an ideal arrangement that significantly reduces the cost of recharging daily.’
      • ‘I am, of course, writing these words without knowing what happened overnight.’
      • ‘There is clearly some serious battery drain occurring, albeit not enough to flatten it overnight.’
      • ‘The meeting had been in doubt because of frost but this disappeared overnight and the course was passed fit for racing after an early morning inspection.’
      • ‘People should be able to recharge their batteries overnight while at home or in the commuters' parking lot while at work.’
      • ‘Ditto was of course assisting, in fact had already assisted overnight it seems.’
      • ‘I was forced to look at a couple of things overnight, and woke up thinking, of course.’
      • ‘AYR survived a late inspection after frost set in overnight and threatened to spoil the Craigie course's big charity day.’
      • ‘Public X releases can wear half of the battery out overnight, but the long-promised optimizations seem to be kicking in, it seems.’
      • ‘Despite the heavy rains overnight, the course was in good condition.’
      • ‘The weather had done what the Northwest weather was famous for, changed overnight without warning.’
      • ‘Plug the car into a home power point and recharge it overnight.’
    2. 1.2 Very quickly; suddenly.
      ‘attitudes will not change overnight’
      • ‘Of course, such tasks cannot be achieved overnight.’
      • ‘The transformation did not, of course, happen overnight.’
      • ‘Pop culture trends are notoriously fickle, of course, and tastes can change overnight.’
      • ‘Build stuff quickly, but you do not have to do everything overnight.’
      • ‘She had heard about growing good at things quickly, but overnight?’
      • ‘Of course, masses of women won't be sweeping into boardrooms overnight.’
      • ‘He became famous overnight and was commissioned the rest of the series, another 69 known prints.’
      • ‘Men and women will mature quickly, almost overnight, but not for thirty years.’
      • ‘The political landscape was changed completely overnight, and voters expected Britain to change almost as quickly.’
      • ‘If we had drugs tests in telly, of course the industry would collapse overnight.’
      • ‘The boy will have become famous overnight, too.’
      • ‘It wouldn't be abolished overnight, of course, but phased out over time.’
      • ‘The strict regime of the marriage vows broke my marriage and my husband became a person who seemed to change overnight.’
      • ‘This was just a few years after Lord Byron woke to find Child Harold's Pilgrimage in the bookshops and himself famous, as it were, overnight.’
      • ‘Of course this did not happen overnight, but the issue has come to a head in recent months.’
      • ‘New Orleans won't disappear overnight, of course.’
      • ‘Word spread quickly and farm tours had overnight became an alternative enterprise.’
      • ‘But he became famous overnight as audiences began to know a Chinese man who sang on Broadway.’
      • ‘But of course it isn't going to happen overnight.’
      • ‘‘We know this is not achievable overnight, but what we want is full implementation as quickly as possible,’ she said.’


Pronunciation /ˈōvərˌnīt//ˈoʊvərˌnaɪt/
  • 1attributive For use overnight.

    ‘an overnight bag’
    • ‘The sites comprising Vimy and Helles barracks also boast excellent catering facilities along with dormitory-style overnight accommodation.’
    • ‘Thursday Night Miss Winger called to say that Alison should pack an overnight bag.’
    • ‘I'm sure that I saw Jack put a black beret and a striped jumper into his overnight bag and he's been brushing up his O-level French.’
    • ‘For their efforts they won return flights from Kerry to Dublin and overnight accommodation and the competition was sponsored by Kerry Airport.’
    • ‘The other five people did not need medical assistance and were offered overnight accommodation locally.’
    • ‘And around 64 per cent of all visitors stayed in overnight accommodation while enjoying the musical delights on offer.’
    • ‘As you point out, it might have been overnight accommodation by a bank.’
    • ‘You should also carry an overnight bag with a change of play clothes, a swimsuit, nightclothes and diapers for each child so that you can make your kids comfortable immediately upon arriving.’
    • ‘‘I need to bathe the children and wash all these clothes,’ S. called to me as the older of the little girls and I hauled out their overnight bag.’
    • ‘One is the disbursement of about $3,500 for a trip to Houston with overnight accommodation.’
    • ‘The Evening Press has teamed up with the Fulford designer outlet to send a coachload of youngsters to the Dome in London's Greenwich - with overnight accommodation thrown in.’
    • ‘A must-have for every suitcase or overnight bag!’
    • ‘She got out of bed quickly, and padded over to her overnight bag.’
    • ‘With a nimble sidestep, I directed the hunched teenage rider neatly under my outstretched arm holding my overnight bag until, in a flash, he vanished in the swirl of cars, taxis and buses.’
    • ‘But after an 18-month struggle with red tape, a Hull nursery is to become the first in the UK to offer overnight accommodation for toddlers.’
    • ‘In 2002, 4.6 million tourists visited the country and stayed in overnight accommodation.’
    • ‘These include overnight accommodation courtesy of The Grange Hotel in Clifton, York, with a meal for two at its exclusive Ivy Brasserie.’
    • ‘Although I expected that both my girlfriend and her brother would be staying for a few days, they had only brought overnight bags, packed sparingly, if the weight was any indication.’
    • ‘Residents were transported to an emergency centre set up at Falinge Park High School, from which some were shifted to temporary overnight accommodation.’
    1. 1.1 Done or happening overnight.
      ‘an overnight stay’
      • ‘She had packed her rucksack for an overnight trip.’
      • ‘Bernal's surgery went successfully, and he was released after an overnight stay.’
      • ‘The trips involved an overnight stay, a meal and a round of golf.’
      • ‘Comfortable accommodation is available, in case it is an overnight stay, but day trips are also rather popular.’
      • ‘Contact can include phone calls and letters as well as visits and overnight stays.’
      • ‘The cost of the trip to Glasgow includes overnight stay in the Marriott Hotel, match ticket and travel expenses.’
      • ‘After a second overnight incubation and washing, the detection antibody is added.’
      • ‘Cyclists will be able to enjoy cosy pubs, quiet cafes and top quality restaurants with overnight stays at excellent accommodation.’
      • ‘A number of other medieval towns lie close to Figueres, so this would make a worthwhile day trip, or overnight stay.’
      • ‘They played the mountain and valley course which were very wet from overnight rain.’
      • ‘However, this expression is weak and was observed only after an overnight incubation.’
      • ‘Now, my grandparents lived on the Isle of Man at the time, a journey which involved long train trips and an overnight crossing on a ferry from the Liverpool Pierhead.’
      • ‘Choose between a day trip or an overnight stay at either the Holiday Inn in Runcorn or the Premier Lodge.’
      • ‘Season ticket holders will be informed if they are successful in obtaining tickets for the game. The Cup Final trip includes an overnight stay in a five-star hotel.’
      • ‘This trip includes an overnight stay in the five-star Radisson Hotel.’
      • ‘He estimates that a mere 20 percent of his trips require overnight stays.’
      • ‘The match was held up again the next day after heavy overnight rain.’
      • ‘Saddle bags offer ideal storage for overnight trips and longer day rides without adding too much bulk to a bike.’
      • ‘During an overnight canoe trip last year, I encountered some deer as well as the biggest beaver I've ever seen, and my paddling partner almost stepped on a rattlesnake.’
    2. 1.2 Sudden, rapid, or instant.
      ‘Tom became an overnight celebrity’
      • ‘Still, his adventure turned him into an overnight celebrity.’
      • ‘The series also underlines the pitfalls inherent in a burning desire to become an overnight celebrity.’
      • ‘‘This is not an overnight quick fix,’ Dr Khouri said.’
      • ‘Because you and I both know that there are idiots roaming around out there who would see it as the ultimate quick fix, an overnight solution to a life that hasn't quite gone to plan.’
      • ‘But often a sudden, overnight brand sensation is something that defies convention.’
      • ‘And to be sure, they read tales of quick riches and overnight fame.’
      • ‘But after a sudden act of violence involving the gun, Harry becomes an overnight celebrity.’
      • ‘You will not become an overnight success, an instant millionaire or an Oscar winning actor.’
      • ‘Remember that overnight success usually takes 15 years.’
      • ‘His second career was in journalism, a field in which he achieved overnight celebrity as a war correspondent.’
      • ‘From the outside, the story always reads like an overnight sensation - as if the egg had suddenly and radically altered itself into a chicken.’
      • ‘Although this is the first time I have mentioned my plan of getting married, this was not a hasty overnight decision.’
      • ‘So now that you are dating Daniel, do you start to feel the changes of becoming an overnight celebrity?’
      • ‘It's been 25 years and it's been slow, not instant, overnight stuff.’
      • ‘In all likelihood, we may become overnight celebrities thanks to the media hype, even if we were foiled in our daring plans.’
      • ‘Some people perceive you as this overnight sensation who's all of a sudden in these great movies, yet you've been acting for a number of years.’
      • ‘Babu's weapon is humility, a rarity in these times of overnight celebrities.’
      • ‘I must have looked puzzled at his sudden, overnight turnaround in demeanour, because he immediately adopted a genuinely apologetic expression.’
      • ‘The wealth scale is off the charts: instant wealth; overnight wealth.’
      • ‘This revolution, like any other, was not a sudden overnight affair, but a culmination of processes.’
      quick, fast, swift, speedy, high-speed, expeditious, express, brisk, lively, prompt, flying, fleeting, lightning, meteoric, whirlwind, fast-track, whistle-stop
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Pronunciation /ˈoʊvərˌnaɪt//ˈōvərˌnīt/
  • 1no object, with adverbial of place Stay for the night in a particular place.

    ‘I overnighted at the Beverly Wilshire’
    • ‘After Jeremy had once more led a charge over the side into the bay for yet another dip, we enjoyed an on-board barbeque before overnighting on Waiheke Island.’
    • ‘Referring to the location he wrote: ‘It is bizarre… you can't help wondering who in their right minds would want to stay here, other than businessman overnighting in Bedfordshire.’’
    • ‘And people do not like overnighting in Antigua.’
    • ‘Hundreds of trucks trundle this road daily, the vehicles' drivers overnighting in towns like Kombolcha.’
    • ‘This will involve developing the area as ideal for horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, with overnighting in tented camps along the banks of the river.’
    • ‘Both sets of plants are now overnighting in the greenhouse to let them settle into their new pots.’
    • ‘An August snowstorm forced us to overnight at the ‘hotel’ on the top of L' Iseran making for a tricky descent the following morning on the icy road.’
    • ‘Later in the day, one of the workers was told by mobile phone that the boat had broken down and they would have to overnight on the island.’
    • ‘She praised her neighbours who came to her aid, adding that she was overnighting at the home of one of them.’
    • ‘Mattresses were for sitting on during the day and sleeping on at night, since there were no lodges or hotels for overnighting.’
    • ‘Be sure to overnight in one of the bed and breakfast cottages or inns that are a distinguishing feature of Tasmanian travel.’
    • ‘Or you can simply overnight in a street parking space in any of Europe's fascinating cities.’
    • ‘Last night, two people overnighted in accident and emergency and on Sunday, there was a spillover of 12 there.’
    • ‘Their first port of call on Wednesday morning after overnighting in the Seven Oaks was the Arboretum lifestyle and garden centre in Leighlinbridge.’
    • ‘Well located for overnighting before you start.’
    • ‘Foreigners are not allowed to overnight on islands inhabited by Maldivians and special permission is required to visit them.’
    • ‘‘They were on the dirt taxiway between the airstrip and the game lodge where my passengers were overnighting,’ he recounts.’
    • ‘We were overnighting here, so we had two days to venture forth.’
    • ‘Well, on my way back to ‘The Rock’, I had to overnight in Antigua.’
    • ‘Zhaoqing, Deqing, Fengkai, Babu, Pingshi… We overnight in towns that I've never heard of before.’
    1. 1.1North American with object Ship for delivery the next day.
      ‘Forster overnighted the sample to headquarters by courier’
      • ‘We reached the doctor at his home - he had reported it lost two weeks earlier, a stunning comment on the hotel's cleaning and security staff - and we overnighted his wallet to him.’
      • ‘So he overnighted it and I read it on the subway to the gym.’
      • ‘So I paid to overnight it back for repair and waited to see what would happen, how long all this would take, and most importantly how much I was going to get soaked.’
      • ‘I overnighted it and then began the hellish torment of Jeff from Reliance as I repeatedly harassed him about sending the armor out.’
      • ‘Over a period of three months, Etessami customized his program for Rug World, overnighting diskettes to Shallenberger.’
      • ‘The co-owner of You Send Me, a stationery company in Chattanooga, Tenn., cut an outing short to sign off on a package of proofs that had been overnighted, ASAP.’
      • ‘If you're a UK Reseller with a desperate need to overnight your laptop, then this competition's for you.’
      • ‘But from what I'm seeing on the web, he seems to be a rather interesting fellow… And his publicist is overnighting me a DVD of his, so that should educational.’
      • ‘Each weekly issue is published late Tuesday night, and orders can be overnighted Wednesday morning to ensure arrival for Friday or Saturday night shows.’
      • ‘They're overnighting it to me here in Philadelphia.’
      • ‘It was forced to spend tons of money to overnight gear and to placate the channel.’
      • ‘It's too bad Amazon cannot overnight a sense of perspective, because there are, in truth, tougher situations to find yourself in.’
      • ‘Jan. 12 - USA WEEKEND overnights magazine and letter to affected newspapers.’
      • ‘Now he can glide elegantly through the departures lounge safe in the knowledge that his laptop is snugly overnighted.’
      • ‘I hope he clips and overnights a few feathers from it so I'll have a piece of the trophy.’
      • ‘That same day, the caller overnighted a check for $200,000, allowing the foundation to renew its lease for another three years.’
      • ‘The next day, I overnighted the camera back to my parents so they could return it to the store within the 10-day return policy.’
      • ‘Called my agent this morning to get the address so I could ship it to Random, and they said: we'll overnight it!’
      • ‘We believe the combined company will post revenue of $3.7bn in 2012 but are willing to lower this forecast if IDC overnights a check.’
      • ‘The data net is so low-tech that it has to overnight mug shots of terrorists to far-flung offices.’


Pronunciation /ˈōvərˌnīt//ˈoʊvərˌnaɪt/
  • A stop or stay lasting one night.

    ‘overnights can be arranged in Kathmandu’
    • ‘No more late nights or overnights at headquarters.’
    • ‘The overnight allowance is subject to 25 overnights per year.’
    • ‘I suggest a message board near the phone with a calendar that can be filled in with who's going to be gone on weekends or overnights, when visitors are coming, parties, work schedules.’
    • ‘So for overnights or longer days in uncertain weather, I still need to carry a truly waterproof shell, thus ending up with more layers than necessary.’
    • ‘Arrange for an overnight with just the two of you at least once a year.’
    • ‘Access to the Applicant mother on a reasonable basis including overnights as arranged by the grandparents and the mother.’
    • ‘He loved to stay overnights on the weekends, whenever it was possible.’
    • ‘We'll actually see each other the same amount during my week on overnights as if we were both working days, only as he's going to bed, I'll be going to work.’
    • ‘The first time I came to LA, overnights weren't numbers that Hollywood lived or died by, overnights were what I called my one night stands on the rare occasions that they lasted till morning.’
    • ‘We'll alternate nights there with overnights in the ‘wilderness’ (staying in cabins or heated tents) as we tour the area via dogsleds.’
    • ‘They have an in-ground swimming pool and Megan and her friends spend a huge amount of time at the their house in the summer, including overnights.’
    • ‘Maddie spent her first overnight with my in laws on New Year's eve of 1998… she was just 6 weeks old at the time.’
    • ‘The number of domestic trips taken in the first quarter of this year involving at least four overnights increased by almost 19% on the same period in 2003.’
    • ‘Whenever possible an alternating of weekends and a midweek overnight would be the best plan particularly when Devon is in school.’
    • ‘Ins and Outs of Being a Counselor - daily schedule, opening/closing days, overnights, rainy days, Sunday schedule, etc.’
    • ‘We'll enjoy leisurely three-day backpacks and day hikes, interspersed with comfortable overnights at rustic lodges, a hot spring, and base camps.’
    • ‘Flights take two days, with an overnight in Manila.’
    • ‘I have in mind moving to overnights and weekends reasonably quickly but starting with partial days and full day visits in the interim.’
    • ‘More than three million overnights were logged in the Varna Region last year, of which 85 per cent were by foreigners, Varna Regional Governor Peter Kandilarov told reporters on August 22.’
    • ‘Used to be you needed one pack for two-week treks and another for weekend overnights.’