Definition of overladen in US English:



  • Having too large or too heavy a load.

    ‘an overladen trolley’
    figurative ‘the film is overladen with tear-jerking moments’
    • ‘The car is so overladen with baggage that we can't see out the back window and four of us are white-knuckled with fear that the car will topple over and roll back down the hill.’
    • ‘Budgets sometimes touch the stratosphere, as the guest list keeps growing and the overladen food tables groan.’
    • ‘Many times I have left the theater dismissing a film because of its overladen special effects.’
    • ‘A branch overladen with monkeys crashed suddenly to the ground - sending them leaping and howling into space, scampering away upon landing.’
    • ‘Anyway, the drive home along the coast road gave me ample time to wonder what possesses people in clapped-out, overladen vans to drive at 30 kmph without regard to gradient, curves or following traffic.’
    • ‘Dangerously overladen, completely off balance, the bus lurches across the bridge.’
    • ‘Though overladen with quotations, it offered a coherent and plausible account of the evolution of the earth's crust and insisted that the present could be used to explain what had happened in the past.’
    • ‘In their place stand pool tables, ‘ergonomic’ chairs, and a bar so overladen with fluorescent drinks that one daren't approach without first applying sunscreen.’
    • ‘When in flight, females stayed close to the ground and always appeared clumsy and overladen.’