Definition of overhead projector in English:

overhead projector


  • A device that projects an enlarged image of a transparency placed on it onto a wall or screen by means of an overhead mirror.

    • ‘But the slick presentation, complete with images from an overhead projector, did little to calm the frustration felt by many of the audience.’
    • ‘The man turns away and changes transparencies on the overhead projector and begins his lesson.’
    • ‘Transparencies are becoming less important with the demise of the overhead projector, but you may need special papers for reports and so on.’
    • ‘First, the student uses an overhead projector to project his or her image onto a large piece of stiff paper.’
    • ‘She creates miniature 3D images on overhead projectors and shelves, which are seen as 2D images.’
    • ‘The room was equipped with a microphone system, slide projector, overhead projector, and a computer system for the use of Power Point presentations and Internet searches.’
    • ‘Some churches employ microphones, tape recording, CCTV, or overhead projectors, while others avoid such devices.’
    • ‘During one observation, Beth had her students copy a textbook problem she projected on the overhead projector rather than having them copy the problem from their individual textbooks.’
    • ‘Project the student's silhouette with the use of an overhead projector or any light source.’
    • ‘I made transparencies of their original sketches and we used overhead projectors to trace their designs on the walls.’
    • ‘For many years, overhead projectors lit up transparencies, and slide projectors showed high-resolution 35 mm slides.’
    • ‘Some of the best ideas were then enlarged, transferred onto the wall with an overhead projector and painted in acrylic paint.’
    • ‘The studio's back wall is lit by an overhead projector placed on a table slightly to the right of center, against which a few ornate frames lean.’
    • ‘I can tell the youth group likes this song, because when Jason slips the transparency onto the overhead projector, we hear a chorus of ‘Yesss!’’
    • ‘He stands beside a screen, a computer and an overhead projector, pointer in hand.’
    • ‘Audio-visual aids such as overhead projectors and transparencies, flip charts, audio and video players, etc. can be tremendous assets when used effectively, but great liabilities when not.’
    • ‘The presenter will need to stand next to the overhead projector or plan to have an assistant to coordinate the transparencies with the talk.’
    • ‘It's sort of like one of those screens for overhead projectors.’
    • ‘He paged through about a dozen transparencies on the overhead projector.’
    • ‘You could use the instrument also to project written or printed documents, by laying them flat on the surface, and having them optically projected just like in an overhead projector.’


overhead projector

/ˈoʊvərˌhɛd prəˈdʒɛktər/