Definition of overgrown in US English:



  • 1Covered with plants that have been allowed to grow wild.

    ‘the garden was overgrown and deserted’
    • ‘Since the neighbor's property is a bit overgrown with low bamboo it was a quite a tussle doing all that and then wrestling the tree lengths back onto my property.’
    • ‘Foley told the meeting that stones have been removed from the boundary walls and it has become overgrown with grass and weeds.’
    • ‘The stream is well overgrown with willow and more.’
    • ‘One afternoon we passed over some abandoned terraces, their earth encrusted and overgrown with scratchy, sunburned weeds.’
    • ‘I boiled the water for the tea and looked out the kitchen window into the backyard and saw it to be neglected and overgrown with weeds.’
    • ‘I walked through the garden, noting how overgrown it was, and how the house was in poor condition.’
    • ‘The council claims the new wall is replacing existing concrete post and rail fencing, which was unsightly and which had become overgrown with weeds.’
    • ‘The far side is overgrown and quite inaccessible.’
    • ‘She came to a particularly shabby house and started to walk up the front path overgrown with moss.’
    • ‘The children spent a day earlier this year cleaning up the holy well, which had become overgrown with weeds, and put together a book detailing what they had done along with a history of the well.’
    • ‘Excavation ceased in the 1950s and the area is now overgrown with woodland, bracken and gorse which provides a habitat for birds, snakes and mammals.’
    • ‘But perhaps more than ever there are many moorland paths overgrown with the heather.’
    • ‘Behind the hall was a deserted graveyard overgrown with weeds.’
    • ‘They are not so delicate as the green spaces in China, but wild and overgrown with weeds.’
    • ‘In the allotments, paths overgrown with nettles and docks are littered with squashed cans and chocolate wrappers between walls of rusting corrugated iron topped with barbed wire.’
    • ‘Even unto this day, it is all overgrown with vines, and flowers grow where once there must have been gardens.’
    • ‘Hall started as a sculptor, and it shows in her bulldozed reconfiguring of a Cape Cod meadow into undulating waves of earth and rock overgrown with wild grass.’
    • ‘Mothers were having to use the steps because a communal path between the front of houses in Windermere Road and gardens was so overgrown with weeds the prams could not get across.’
    • ‘The river is polluted and overgrown with reeds following years of neglect.’
    • ‘The factory was bulldozed some years ago and the land is currently overgrown and derelict.’
    run down, derelict, dilapidated, tumbledown, ramshackle, untended, unmaintained
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  • 2Grown too large or beyond its normal size.

    ‘the town is only an overgrown village’
    • ‘In fact, the bushes are uneven in setting out and in growth, unkempt and massively overgrown.’
    • ‘The vegetation is overgrown and makes it difficult to see the shoreline.’
    • ‘A walk through the gallery may make you feel that you are in an overgrown village.’
    • ‘Despite urbanization, the city gives the feeling of an overgrown village, and its easy-going charm is intact.’
    • ‘There is still a concern of many overgrown hedges within the village.’
    • ‘The majority of smaller towns are overgrown villages that show little effort to organize space or create an urban environment.’
    • ‘The overgrown hedges in the village are to be attended to and the road junctions repainted following recent road works.’
    • ‘The backyard would be pretty if the plants weren't overgrown.’
    • ‘I know I'm going to miss climbing around in its structure - it's like being an overgrown kid in a giant tree house.’
    • ‘However, right on the 50 yard line sits a huge and overgrown elephant, enormously strong but also swelled up, slow, and completely unsuited to being a player in this game.’
    • ‘That wasn't hard - the aggressor in question was the size of an overgrown cat.’
    • ‘Instead they looked more like overgrown teddy bears with oversized heads, hands, and feet, their gangling limbs lending them an air of awkwardness.’
    • ‘Wherever apples grow in this country you can find a home in your town or suburb with a huge overgrown apple tree in the backyard that has not been cared for in many years.’
    large, sizeable, of considerable size, substantial, considerable, great, huge, immense, enormous, extensive, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, prodigious, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monumental, mighty, stupendous, gargantuan, elephantine, titanic, epic, mountainous, megalithic, monstrous, brobdingnagian
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    1. 2.1derogatory Used to describe an adult behaving in a childish manner.
      ‘a pair of overgrown schoolboys’
      • ‘He would turn up in search of an audience when all we wanted was to have a good time, not to sit in awe at some self-appointed star turn, an overgrown schoolboy still sitting in puddles for attention.’
      • ‘Stringer is one of the new breed who contradict the notion that rugby players are beer swilling, overgrown school-children who engage in raucous after-match parties.’
      • ‘You have been behaving like an overgrown schoolboy in this room for many, many months and years.’
      • ‘In parliament he resembles an overgrown schoolboy, chafing at his collar and tie.’
      • ‘Grown men and women can behave like overgrown kids who don't seem to worry about their behaviour abroad.’