Definition of overextension in US English:



  • See overextend

    • ‘Because the airways are heterogeneously narrowed, the less involved parts of the lungs may undergo regional overextension when exposed to high inflation pressures and rupture.’
    • ‘But the fear of general overextension appears, if the survey results are right, to be a fear of other peoples' credit habits as opposed to self-evaluation for the majority of credit card users.’
    • ‘They explicitly stated in their majority opinion that this decision could not be used to set a precedent based on their ridiculous overextension of the due-process clause in the 14th amendment.’
    • ‘This optimism contributes to the underestimation of risk, overextension of credit, excessive increases in asset prices, overinvestment in physical capital and, in some cases, overly buoyant consumer expenditures.’
    • ‘In 1872, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Field, aware of the rages of inflation, attempted to block an unconstitutional overextension of powers by the Bank of the United States.’