Definition of overestimate in English:



  • Estimate (something) to be better, larger, or more important than it really is.

    ‘his influence cannot be overestimated’
    • ‘The importance of vigorously removing layers of skin cannot be overestimated.’
    • ‘The importance of this conduit cannot be overestimated and all efforts should be made to preserve its efficacy.’
    • ‘Both terms represent a concentration of historical experience whose importance cannot be overestimated.’
    • ‘Street said he thought the state was underestimating the challenge and overestimating Edison's abilities.’
    • ‘‘Maybe they're overestimating the importance of the organisation,’ said another member of the parliamentary party.’
    • ‘I'm not underestimating him and I'm not overestimating him.’
    • ‘However, experts warn that many people may be overestimating the potential returns from property.’
    • ‘Yes, it's true the police overestimated the ability of republicans to quell the zeal of young rioters.’
    • ‘The importance of the live trade cannot be overestimated with 200,000 head having been exported last year.’
    • ‘One reason is that we are overestimating our resources and underestimating the difficulty of winning elections.’
    • ‘Inexperienced in a large battle, using combined forces, they had overestimated the ability of the Pilgrims to keep pace with them.’
    • ‘My makeup had taken Claire the longest because she was not accustomed to working on someone with such pale skin, and kept overestimating the colours.’
    • ‘We certainly overestimated their ability to plan and remain focussed on the higher goals.’
    • ‘However, that may be overestimating her importance.’
    • ‘In changing times in society, the importance of schools and education cannot be overestimated.’
    • ‘If the pollsters are overestimating Labour's support once more, the consequences of their blunders could leave a lot of leftish voters looking very silly.’
    • ‘It is possible that the genome length estimates of these maps were overestimated.’
    • ‘If he's trying to pick a fight to drum up some publicity, he's sorely overestimating the number of people who read this blog.’
    • ‘Again, the importance of a functioning legal system cannot be overestimated.’
    • ‘While I would love for Greg Maddux to join my team, am I overestimating his ability?’
    overstate, overemphasize, overstress, overestimate, overvalue, magnify, amplify, aggrandize, inflate
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  • An excessively high estimate.

    • ‘Such effects would include: overestimates or underestimates of results during the observation and recording phase of an experiment, errors in interpreting the data, and the fabrication of data.’
    • ‘In addition, after partially effective eradication treatment, low levels of infection can easily be missed by endoscopic biopsy, leading to overestimates of the efficacy of eradication treatment and reinfection rates.’
    • ‘Often wideranging movements can cause gross overestimates of the population size as with a small population with very large home ranges mistaken as a large population with small home ranges.’
    • ‘This method tends to give overestimates of divergence times when the calibration point is younger than the estimated time and to give underestimates when the calibration point is older than the estimated time.’
    • ‘We do not know whether the low response rate in our study produced an overestimate or underestimate of prevalence.’
    • ‘By contrast, a random-sample study will never return an overestimate because it can never sample the rare event more than once.’
    • ‘The estimates of efficacy are robust to imprecision in the separate estimates of the effect of the individual components because overestimates will tend to cancel underestimates.’
    • ‘If this regression is used to predict the typical prey of theropods, it produces overestimates, at least for those species that were much larger than any of the carnivorans used in the regression.’
    • ‘The cash was found following an overestimate in the number of pupils who need to be funded through York's schools, and an underestimate of the amount of council tax that would be collected.’
    • ‘The overestimate in the percentage within the membrane is likely to be a consequence of the low contrast at the membrane boundary.’
    • ‘However, the ratio might be an overestimate since the liquid assay favors fast-growing type II cells.’
    • ‘If so, my estimate of the total energy investment into gene expression will be an overestimate.’
    • ‘We find that, in a given year, substantial overestimates of the regressivity of gas expenditures occur only among the small proportion of individuals who were only temporarily poor in 1982.’
    • ‘Because many of the above estimates of divergence times far exceed the times of first appearance of land plants in the fossil record, they might be overestimates.’
    • ‘However, the estimated P values are overestimates.’
    • ‘However, this tree-mismatch method ignores sampling errors in the reconstructed gene tree, due to a finite number of nucleotide sites at each locus, and produces serious overestimates.’
    • ‘Unblinded assessment of outcome in multiple sclerosis trials can result in overestimates of the effect of treatment on progression of disease.’
    • ‘It is quite possible, even likely, that some studies misclassify fates of nests that are depredated late in the nestling stage, leading to overestimates of nesting success.’
    • ‘The supposed overestimate was, in reality, part of a wider underestimate.’
    • ‘Similarly, unmatched citations that were not detected by a search strategy were included in cell d of the table (leading to slight overestimates of the specificity and accuracy of the strategy).’
    error of judgement, misjudgement, misreading of the situation, mistake, blunder, faux pas, overestimate, underestimate
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