Definition of overembellish in US English:



[with object]
  • Make (something) too ornate or complicated.

    ‘use your imagination, but do not overembellish the presentation’
    • ‘Wilson may be guilty of overembellishing his case on several minor points, but on the central question he brought up he was right.’
    • ‘I was similarly uncharmed by the promising sounding mini ice-cream sandwiches, which seemed overembellished and not freshly made.’
    • ‘Some of chemistry's popular tales are probably outright fabrication, the product of wishful thinking, over-embellished recollection, wilful self-aggrandisement or a skewed historical agenda.’
    • ‘In the past she cleverly stayed ahead of the game by overembellishing the dresses and decking them in fur.’
    • ‘Cooked to perfection on the bone and not over-embellished, the truffle oil was a curious addition, which nonetheless worked for me.’
    • ‘The overembellished coconut cheesecake is bland stuff.’
    • ‘The Warne story is well known, and just as regularly over-embellished.’
    • ‘Whilst a cynic might argue it was all a little over the top, the overall impression was that the speeches didn't over-embellish the man or his achievements.’
    • ‘The Importance of Being Earnest plays like an over-embellished cake that topples under the weight of its own decoration.’
    • ‘The entrees tend to be overworked and overembellished, perhaps a holdover from the chef's stint doing fancy hotel food.’
    exaggerate, overstate, do to death, overemphasize, overplay, go overboard with, dramatize, overdramatize
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