Definition of overdevelop in English:



  • 1Develop too much or to excess.

    ‘cycling may overdevelop the calf muscles’
    ‘Majorca's overdeveloped coastline’
    • ‘If you're approaching Italy from the elegantly manicured and often overdeveloped French Riviera, then Liguria comes as a delightful surprise.’
    • ‘We should not allow the county to be overdeveloped unless we are about to keep pace with the developments.’
    • ‘It touched me deeply to find such a teeming manifestation of indigenous life in a landscape so mercilessly overdeveloped.’
    • ‘If the Government insists on proceeding with the proposed National Stadium it should not be sited in already overdeveloped and gridlocked Dublin.’
    • ‘If they are judged unacceptable and overdeveloped, he will only have himself to blame.’
    • ‘Of course, the former are never referred to as overdeveloped, for to do so would indicate a negative connotation.’
    • ‘Autopsies have shown the brain of the neurotypical is typically smaller than that of an autistic individual and may have overdeveloped areas related to social behavior.’
    • ‘This is often related to the occurrence of excess fat or, less frequently, overdeveloped muscles.’
    • ‘The plans had been previously deferred by members who thought the scheme would overdevelop the area.’
    • ‘Too many pushups, for instance, can overdevelop the chest muscles and force your swing off-line.’
    • ‘One city becomes overdeveloped while the rest of the nation comparatively lies fallow.’
    • ‘The housing has to be sympathetic and in character and it must not be overdeveloped.’
    • ‘I cannot tell the difference, and I am mightily suspicious of those who claim they can, believing that such overdeveloped taste buds must be having a depleting, detrimental effect to some other bodily function.’
    • ‘But at the same time I guess I have this perhaps overdeveloped sense of what's proper, which constrains me somewhat.’
    • ‘We may need to expand to do this, but we do not want to overdevelop North Yorkshire and ruin what is such a beautiful county.’
    • ‘You've only to look at the selfless behaviour of those assembled in the political arena just along the road to see that New Zealanders have a highly overdeveloped sense of fair play.’
    • ‘In practise, this merely meant that I clung tightly to my jungle guide, and wondered for ages whether I had an overdeveloped right thigh muscle.’
    • ‘The reason those proteins are there is that as the fetus develops, it keeps the brain from overdeveloping, and if the brain overdevelops it would develop tumors.’
    • ‘You can actually overdevelop your six-pack, neglecting important underlying muscles and contributing to low-back pain.’
    • ‘They have overdeveloped the area so there is already excessive competition for spaces.’
    1. 1.1Photography Treat with developer for too long.
      ‘you can overdevelop the film to make up for underexposure’
      • ‘The effect is to keep the high values of the negative from being overdeveloped, hence unprintable, by reducing them before development.’
      • ‘It is not possible to overdevelop, and it is important to completely develop the remaining silver halide.’