Definition of overdetermine in US English:



[with object]technical
  • Determine, account for, or cause (something) in more than one way or with more conditions than are necessary.

    ‘every gesture is overdetermined by cultural form, personal biography, historical contingency, and so on’
    • ‘The current condition of the rangelands was overdetermined by a complex web of factors, all in interaction with one another, and in which environmental factors were but one component.’
    • ‘Their identities were overdetermined by these interests and concerns, and resistance cannot capture the full range of either their intent or their actions.’
    • ‘It is becoming increasingly clear that this argument, while right overall, significantly overdetermined the role of technology.’
    • ‘But this powerful stage image of breaking glass is overdetermined with other significations as well.’
    • ‘The dominant-submissive interplay which the playwright labours to construct in words is massively overdetermined by the director-editor's unimaginative choice of shots.’