Definition of overdetailed in US English:



  • 1Containing too much information.

    ‘overdetailed business plans’
    • ‘Though over-detailed and overlong, the movie posed crucial questions about the gaming medium as a tool for communication and for art.’
    • ‘Readers must be extremely attentive in order not to miss passing remarks which connect the seemingly over-detailed description with Hannigans main interest.’
    • ‘If it is long and over detailed, they may lose interest.’
    • ‘It is easier to write a lengthy over-detailed work than it is to gracefully and succinctly communicate a story.’
    • ‘Anne said that it was important to avoid delay and over-detailed discussion.’
    • ‘Here I am, listening to the over-detailed audio commentary.’
    • ‘I'm really keen to address these questions with a full and maniacally over-detailed post because I think the issue of how we map broadcast programming to web URLs is a really interesting one.’
    1. 1.1 Excessively detailed or decorated.
      ‘his work is overdetailed, having a hard brittle quality’
      • ‘The sketch was livelier than a stiff, overdetailed painting.’
      • ‘It would have been one more extraneous detail in an already overdetailed canvas.’
      • ‘Sometimes the most simple art is better than over-detailed art that has been gone over 20 times to try and make it perfect.’
      • ‘The ridiculously overdetailed outfit looks horrid - simplify, guys, simplify.’
      • ‘Once launched, the slightly over-detailed opening screen may leave some novices feeling a tad overwhelmed.’
      excessively ornate, over-ornate, over-elaborate, over-embellished, overdecorated, overblown, overripe, overwrought, exaggerated, overdone, florid, fussy, cluttered, contrived, overworked, over-detailed, strained, laboured, baroque, rococo
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