Definition of overcompensate in US English:



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  • Take excessive measures in attempting to correct or make amends for an error, weakness, or problem.

    ‘he was overcompensating for fears about the future’
    • ‘He may have been overcompensating for the other side.’
    • ‘Increasing the collar settings compensates for the mismatch initially, and beyond an optimal collar setting, overcompensates.’
    • ‘Was he overcompensating in order to make good news sound better?’
    • ‘Resist the temptation to overcompensate for the extremes of one parent.’
    • ‘There may have been feelings too painful to probe, feelings for which he overcompensated by an excess of not entirely convincing sardonic mockery.’
    • ‘The writer's imagination tries to overcompensate for his creative block by riding roughshod over any possible allusion to reality in his domestic environment.’
    • ‘But when nature's protective mechanism overcompensates and precautions aren't taken, there is a danger of blood clots.’
    • ‘Often when a perfectionist fails to meet a goal - say, running six miles - she'll try to overcompensate by aiming even farther, so the next day she'll try for eight miles.’
    • ‘But we all know he's overcompensating for his small point total.’
    • ‘Perhaps she was overcompensating for the lies, but he seemed to have a way of drawing out certain bits of information.’
    • ‘In other words, after the two workouts, your glycogen stores are so depleted that your body overcompensates by loading your muscles with more glycogen than normal.’
    • ‘Derek constantly overcompensates for his lack of intelligence by proclaiming himself the smartest man alive.’
    • ‘He's overcompensating for scenes like this.’
    • ‘I think we designers are aware of this messiness, and overcompensate for it by attempting to obliterate every trace of it from our work.’
    • ‘And don't overcompensate by eating excessively at your next meal.’
    • ‘While excessive weight can lead to bone and joint problems and even depression, our data show that regular physical activity more than overcompensates for a little bit of extra weight.’
    • ‘Her obsession with belonging and entitlement prompt her to overcompensate for attributes she lacks.’
    • ‘You could argue that they're overcompensating for their previous argument.’
    • ‘Adam starts to lose his mind, Michael is terrified and Edward consistently overcompensates by turning everything into a joke.’
    • ‘Because I knew this was a weakness of mine, I overcompensated by buying more science kits and books than one family could use in a couple of lifetimes.’