Definition of overcoat in US English:



  • 1A long warm coat worn over other clothing.

    • ‘Women have more interesting choices in overcoats but even the more creatively stylish ones seem to me to radiate a solid hint of professionalism.’
    • ‘From biker and track styles to slick overcoats, these jackets will keep you looking great this spring, rain or shine.’
    • ‘The men don caftans, felt overcoats, or jackets.’
    • ‘They dressed us head to toe, hat to shoes, overcoats to underwear.’
    • ‘He stood there, his arms crossed across his chest, which was covered by a thin, white linen shirt and a leather overcoat.’
    • ‘Skirts, overcoats, cardigans and vests were made predominantly from cotton and linen, many embroidered with folklore emblems.’
    • ‘You should also look out for pockets, the lapel's style, and whether or not the overcoat has a vent in the back.’
    • ‘Contrast is not an issue between dark charcoal overcoats and khakis (traditional tan-colored), provided your shirt is a lighter color than your pants.’
    • ‘You can quickly improvise a shield to cover your forearm by wrapping a suit coat, jacket or overcoat around it.’
    • ‘From the coolest raincoats to the classiest overcoats, you're not ready for spring until you get your hands on a spring jacket.’
    • ‘Miss Leonard said the man had a white coat under his overcoat, and had what appeared to be medical-style equipment on the back seat.’
    • ‘They were both wearing dark dresses, with dark overcoats and gloves and hats.’
    • ‘There wasn't a tie and the entire outfit was black from the overcoat to the under shirt, to the slacks and shoes.’
    • ‘Cary tugged on an overcoat and pulled a beanie over his ears.’
    • ‘With cashmere and wool overcoats, you're sure to stay warm and adequately cool, since natural fabrics like wool tend to be breathable.’
    • ‘Dressed in a suit with a warm overcoat, he obviously had money and a comfortable life.’
    • ‘The Huntsman collection includes suits, sports coats, overcoats, blazers, shirts and ties: time-honoured essentials of the smartly-attired gentleman about town and country.’
    • ‘The overcoats and jackets he sent down the runway were to die for.’
    • ‘As winter was to arrive soon, and the evenings were getting colder, I decided to get my warm overcoat and some waterproof boots for my trip.’
    • ‘The men are in plain clothes and wear light raincoats or light overcoats over their uniforms.’
  • 2A top, final layer of paint or a similar covering.

    • ‘A final, clear overcoat is added to protect against ultraviolet rays and moisture.’