Definition of overbear in US English:



[with object]
  • Overcome by emotional pressure or physical force.

    ‘his will had not been overborne by another's influence’
    ‘he overbore the others who still favored a bold policy’
    • ‘To say that they left it to the husbands does not mean to say either they did not understand what was happening or that their will was overborne.’
    • ‘But the Chief Justice's wisdom and logic has overborne your desire to fight for that end.’
    • ‘It seems to me inevitable that sooner or later she would have been overborne by them.’
    • ‘And I understand what a struggle it must have been to decide which overbears which.’
    • ‘Yet, for a variety of reasons, this tendency may be overborne, and the anticipated rise not observed.’
    • ‘The evidence suggests this committee was unlikely to be overborne.’
    • ‘Now, one of the explanations that she gave is that he overbore her and forced her into making some of these admissions.’
    • ‘Moreover, its impact on the trial process must be weighed carefully: its probative value must not be overborne by its prejudicial effect.’
    • ‘The judge said the youth did not want to do what was asked, but it was not an equal relationship, and his will was overborne.’