Definition of overarching in US English:



  • 1attributive Forming an arch over something.

    ‘the overarching mangroves’
    1. 1.1 Comprehensive; all-embracing.
      ‘a single overarching principle’
      • ‘At present, most democratic civil law countries tend to uphold the doctrine of strict legality as an overarching principle.’
      • ‘From an overarching historical perspective, Scots and Scotland have been for several hundred years at the forefront of medical, educational, technological and philanthropic innovation.’
      • ‘It is also highly selective, highlighting a few overarching issues with wide biological impact or interest for the non-specialist, noting important trends and interpreting their significance.’
      • ‘And once the band start to realise that the Foum is theirs for the taking, there's no stopping the emotional exuberance overriding the technical side and becoming the overarching feature of the night.’
      • ‘While it is imperative to have an overarching policy framework that comprehends the fundamental factors shaping our world, in practice, foreign policy typically is local.’
      • ‘It seems to me to be totally inappropriate for one department to be able to have that sort of overarching control of that wider area.’
      • ‘The overarching objective of the review is to complement the work of the current investigation team by assessing progress to date.’
      • ‘Pedagogical freedom is not an absolute; it is instrumental and subservient to the university's overarching interest in promoting free inquiry and debate.’
      • ‘While not everyone agrees on what should or should not be included in open access publishing, an overarching feature is that there should be universal access to all scientific knowledge.’
      • ‘The overarching principle at work is that everyone contributes to the common need.’
      • ‘In place of an overarching framework - the web that connects humanity together - historians are encouraged to focus their inquiry on the local and particular.’
      • ‘United Future contends that the foundations of this bill are rooted in the overarching principle of national security.’
      • ‘The overarching aim of the National Archives policies is to improve public access to archives.’
      • ‘There is one overarching positive message for developing countries from the genome project.’
      • ‘I'm interested in what you see as the overarching artistic principle here.’
      • ‘The overarching theme of the manifesto is that Britain is heading in the wrong direction.’
      • ‘However, its main strength is its potential to provide an overarching political framework that will enable a wide range of goals to become achievable.’
      • ‘In effect, nationalism provided a strong overarching bond of identity to set against and ameliorate class divisions.’
      • ‘The United Nations has an overarching responsibility for refugee matters.’
      • ‘However, the overarching principle is that of conscientious objection, rather than the risk of participating in unlawful acts.’
      inclusive, all-inclusive, complete
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