Definition of overanxious in US English:



  • Excessively anxious.

    • ‘This is meant as a pleasant diversion where even the fight scenes lack force, apparently so as not to make the audience of teenage girls overanxious.’
    • ‘I am a little overanxious for his input into long-range planning.’
    • ‘The hitters have been overanxious and are pressing too much in clutch situations.’
    • ‘Being overanxious to beat Jeremy, I took off after the first noise I heard, and startled a couple of field mice.’
    • ‘There is also a category of overanxious drivers who start revving up their vehicles when 15 to 20 seconds are still left for the green signal to light up.’
    • ‘In my overanxious state, I started looking around the crowd mostly to alleviate the boredom of the MC who had been announcing the night's festivities for over five minutes.’
    • ‘He's still undisciplined, overanxious and - currently - saddled with injuries, but fun to watch regardless.’
    • ‘He's a little more patient; in previous years, he seemed overanxious.’
    • ‘But Pete has concealed the job from everyone, especially his overanxious mother, who regards the city as a dangerous place that swallows up feckless visitors like Pete's father, who is absent or dead.’
    • ‘Before, he'd try to do too much or be overanxious.’
    • ‘When the team puts runners in scoring position, hitters are overanxious and tend to swing at bad pitches early in the count.’
    • ‘As I said, when he thinks visitors might be interested in his story, he gets a bit overanxious to show them everything.’
    • ‘An overanxious public relations person assigned to promoting Office 2003 among reviewers has been e-mailing me regularly, nervously asking what my reviews are going to say.’
    • ‘Sophie proves to be a pretty, overanxious, often stammering young woman, sometimes unable to finish a spoken sentence.’
    • ‘But in the hands of an overanxious company executive it can just as easily become a chilly fog that obfuscates the common truth.’
    • ‘Even if no lawsuit is filed, it can be quite unsettling to deal with overanxious beneficiaries who want their inheritances immediately.’
    • ‘He lambastes overanxious pop rappers, racial tension, and society's preconceptions in a nasal hopscotch speed rap over frantic instrumentals.’
    • ‘I was dying to go walk down to dinner with him, but I didn't want to seem overanxious.’
    • ‘It seems like nothing more than a hypochondriacal disorder or the ramblings of an overanxious person.’
    nervous, excitable, temperamental, sensitive, unstable, brittle, easily upset, easily agitated, on edge, edgy, jumpy, keyed up, irritable, fidgety, restive, restless, anxious, tense, taut, stressed, overwrought, neurotic
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