Definition of over the long haul in US English:

over the long haul


North American
  • Over an extended period of time.

    • ‘He still has a terrific message that he could win over the long haul.’
    • ‘A little bit everyday does more, over the long haul, than the Weekend Warrior thing.’
    • ‘The recovery efforts will be slowed a bit, but we're in this over the long haul, and we're going to recover.’
    • ‘Although there are a number of ground rules that must be followed to ensure the best chance for success, the paradigm is one that can be supported over the long haul.’
    • ‘Indeed, over the long haul, it's likely to result in failure if that's all we do.’
    • ‘If the content was not good, I wouldn't have paid attention to the covers over the long haul, no matter how clever they were.’
    • ‘Indeed, without a good business it would be impossible for a newspaper to do good journalism over the long haul.’
    • ‘Numerous African countries have put their faith and trust in the United States to support this initiative over the long haul.’
    • ‘An unusual amount of caution is leading businesses to press workers and facilities to a greater degree than can be sustained over the long haul.’
    • ‘Look, what really matters is how people are going to see his policies over the long haul.’