Definition of over the hump in US English:

over the hump


  • Over the worst or most difficult part of something.

    • ‘Something like this could really get us over the hump.’
    • ‘Then, in an instant, we are over the hump, the gray skies part, and we descend toward the lowlands.’
    • ‘But when I'm over the hump, rest assured I will get back to you, even if you've totally forgotten that you emailed me.’
    • ‘‘They look like they're over the hump now,’ he says.’
    • ‘But, you know, Christmas and the New Year aren't too far away and soon we'll all be over the hump.’
    • ‘That's what got us over the hump and gave us the advantage in the first half.’
    • ‘Local retailers will be looking to residents to help them over the hump so that everyone can be part of the bright new future this regeneration will bring.’
    • ‘Change is usually a big part of a team getting over the hump.’
    • ‘If we lose our energy, we don't have one player who can get us over the hump or even to the free throw line late in the game.’
    • ‘If we all kick in a few bucks we can help them get over the hump.’
    over the worst part, over the worst of it, out of the woods, on the road to recovery, on the up and up, on the way up, getting better, making progress, in the clear
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