Definition of over-simplistic in US English:



  • Treating complex issues and problems as if they were much simpler than they really are; simplistic.

    ‘a wildly over-simplistic song about what it takes to be happy’
    ‘an over-simplistic comparison’
    • ‘He has faced many critics who claim that plain English is inaccurate and oversimplistic.’
    • ‘It would be oversimplistic to ascribe the decline of armour solely to the invention of gunpowder and the portable personal weapon.’
    • ‘These stereotypes have proven to be oversimplistic, with the result that the hypothesis is increasingly criticized.’
    • ‘I think that this site is full of over-simplistic ranting and is very poorly researched.’
    • ‘The authors' oversimplistic approach, although convenient, is unscientific.’
    • ‘Financial self-sufficiency in three years is an over-simplistic criterion and should be scrapped.’
    • ‘There is a real problem with much contemporary writing about health, in that it is over-simplistic, written by people who are trying to push a particular theory or aspect of health.’
    • ‘The mission statement was over-simplistic.’
    • ‘This image of the suburban patriarch was oversimplistic.’
    • ‘Brazil has carved out a path that is not based on ideology or over-simplistic economics.’
    • ‘It is over-simplistic to assume the entire site would be used for housing.’
    • ‘The mantra 'speed kills' is as over-used as it is over-simplistic.’