Definition of oven-bake in US English:



  • Bake (food or a dish) in an oven.

    ‘crack open an egg into the centre of your pizza before oven-baking it’
    • ‘For the main course, I made homemade oven-baked falafel with roasted root vegetables, almond salsa and a delicious tomato sauce.’
    • ‘I decided to oven-bake the rhubarb.’
    • ‘We'll eat the fish probably with some oven-baked chips, then we'll have salad afterwards.’
    • ‘You can either continue to fry, grill, or oven-bake the bacon as you would normally.’
    • ‘I think they were oven baked, and they were both soggy and flavourless.’
    • ‘The options were a sad-looking lasagne, an oven-baked white fish covered with tomato slices, and a vegetarian paella.’
    • ‘I never used to see people setting up plastic tables and pulling out oven-baked pasta picnics here.’
    • ‘Once it is cooked (in much the same way as a pumpkin, by pricking the skin and oven-baking or boiling), cut it in half and discard the seeds.’
    • ‘Rosemary adds delicious flavor to chicken, roasting potatoes or oven-baked potato chips.’
    • ‘This dish can also be served as an accompaniment to antipasto or served with pan-fried or oven-baked fish.’
    • ‘I do know that this pizza bears little resemblance to real oven-baked pizza.’
    • ‘Being a sucker for oysters I tried the oven-baked oysters which came with a generous serving of bacon, bell peppers and tomato.’
    • ‘Place on a baking sheet and oven-bake for approx 20 minutes.’
    • ‘Tonight's supper was oven baked chicken fingers, scalloped potatoes, glazed carrots, and seasoned green beans.’
    • ‘They used only small button mushrooms, and oven baked them with sweet Indonesian soy sauce and oregano.’
    • ‘Fish fans could catch a halibut steak pan fried with white wine and prawns, oven-baked sea bass with olives, cherry tomatoes, garlic and white wine or a tuna steak in a classic tomato sauce.’
    • ‘These oven-baked black radish chips turned out really tasty: their natural pungency is toned down by the baking, yet the edge remains, and they proved quite addictive.’
    cook, dry-roast, roast, spit-roast, pot-roast
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