Definition of ovalbumin in US English:



  • Albumin derived from the white of eggs.

    • ‘To produce a food allergy in mice, lead author Simon Hogan first injected the animals with small amounts of ovalbumin, a harmless protein found in egg whites.’
    • ‘Several serpins inhibit cysteine proteinases, and a few, such as ovalbumin and angiotensinogen, are non-inhibitory.’
    • ‘Harrison's group used this chip to detect the presence of small amounts of ovalbumin, a protein found in chicken eggs.’
    • ‘Arrows above the profiles indicate the positions and sizes of the following external standards (from left to right): catalase, aldolase, transferrin, and ovalbumin.’
    • ‘Many different preparations of the measles vaccine are available, all containing small amounts, at most, of the egg protein ovalbumin.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin ovi albumen ‘albumen of egg’, altered on the pattern of albumin.