Definition of oval window in US English:

oval window


  • another term for "fenestra ovalis" (see fenestra)
    • ‘This bone deposition leads to fixation of the stapes at the oval window, preventing normal vibration.’
    • ‘The vertigo was cured in all patients of which one was found to have a labyrinthine fistula and one an oval window fistula.’
    • ‘The length and diameter of the bypass channel (periotic duct) dictate that only a tiny fraction of the total acoustic displacement at the oval window is diverted through that channel.’
    • ‘A sound stimulus rattles the tiny hammer, anvil and stirrup bones that lean against the oval window at the entrance to the cochlea, thus setting the cochlear fluid in motion.’
    • ‘Due to the uneven properties of the basilar membrane, high frequencies create a crest at the taut end nearest the oval window, and low frequencies crest towards the pliant end of the membrane.’
    • ‘They are given the descriptive names hammer, anvil, and stirrup, the last being attached to a further membrane, the oval window, which leads to a complex labyrinth, the cochlea.’
    • ‘In amphibians, the columella shares the oval window with a second bone, the operculum, which communicates by way of an opercular muscle with the pectoral girdle.’
    • ‘The stapes has a large footplate which fits into the oval window of the inner ear and transduces the physical movement of the bones back into pressure waves in the perilymph of the inner ear.’
    • ‘One of the main problems causing failure in revision stapes surgery is the inability to adequately assess the oval window neomembrane.’
    • ‘Dislocation of the stapes from the oval window also occurs.’