Definition of outweigh in English:



  • 1 Be heavier than.

    ‘Bob outweighed him by more than twenty-five pounds’
    1. 1.1Be greater or more significant than.
      ‘the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages’
      • ‘Remember that the safety of the many outweighs the lives of the few.’
      • ‘What goes in through the eyes always outweighs what goes in through the ears.’
      • ‘The potential benefits from such a bold experiment in public policy greatly outweigh the risks.’
      • ‘Even so, many reputable authors agree that the benefits of having Service Pack 2 greatly outweigh the cons.’
      • ‘Yet the damage done by his grotesquely lopsided report vastly outweighs the gravity of the offence.’
      • ‘They see the disadvantages of doing so outweighing its advantages.’
      • ‘Still, for these gallery owners at least, the positives outweigh the negatives.’
      • ‘They feel, as I do, that the positives outweigh the negatives.’
      • ‘Ultimately, such flaws are vastly outweighed by the book's contributions.’
      • ‘In fact, coffee's pros probably outweigh its cons.’
      • ‘Yet, the advantages of e-mail clearly outweigh its limitations in many cases.’
      • ‘Eventually we realized that this first crop provided a wonderful learning opportunity, greatly outweighing the short-term cost.’
      • ‘Yes, it's annoying, but the benefits of having email certainly outweigh the annoyances associated with it.’
      • ‘His errors of judgment, though, heavily outweighed those elements of progress.’
      • ‘In fact, the benefits far outweigh the risks and will lead to improved health care.’
      • ‘But the costs of global warming could vastly outweigh the modest cost of even quite vigorous action.’
      • ‘As you can see, the pros clearly outweigh the miniscule cons.’
      • ‘However, the NIH consensus panel notes that the benefits far outweigh the risks.’
      • ‘Would the benefits from the additional advertising outweigh what was being sacrificed in the cover price?’
      • ‘The desire for practicality clearly outweighed the desire for academic rigor.’
      be heavier than
      be greater than, exceed, be superior to, take precedence over, take priority over, prevail over, have the edge on, have the edge over, preponderate over, override, tip the balance against, tip the scales against, turn the balance against, turn the scales against, supersede, offset, cancel out, outbalance, overbalance, compensate for, redress
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