Definition of outtake in US English:



  • A scene or sequence filmed or recorded for a movie or program but not included in the final version.

    • ‘Events are covered chronologically and supplemented by clips from over 120 films, contemporary interviews, archival footage, and film out-takes.’
    • ‘There are strange out-takes from 1960s documentaries on plutonium waste-disposal and magnetism.’
    • ‘The out-take scene used over the final credits is a cringe-making business that doesn't even deserve to make it on to the DVD.’
    • ‘In 2001 she released an album of live material and out-takes, but afterwards decided to take a break, concentrating instead on her new-found domestic bliss.’
    • ‘And the skiing holiday slapstick is like an out-take from a Jerry Lewis movie.’
    • ‘For example, those of us who do not own a DVD player don't get to view all the extra footage, behind-the-scenes out-takes, deleted scenes and yummy features that DVDs - but not videos - contain.’
    • ‘These re-issues include several out-takes and have been remastered in 24-bit sound.’
    • ‘Perhaps I'm being overly picky but I think it would have been cool to have seen some deleted scenes or out-takes on this or any of the other films in the box set.’
    • ‘Even the out-takes fail to generate any laughs!’
    • ‘Twenty minutes of deleted and alternate scenes, scads of out-takes, the original BBC2 trailer and commentaries for every episode from the entire cast are only a few of the more notable highlights.’
    • ‘Visitors can participate in an interactive computer game testing their potential as a secret service officer, and watch unseen film footage and out-takes of several stunts.’
    • ‘And when the out-takes fail to carry their usual verve, you just know you have witnessed a particularly bad movie.’
    • ‘Ideally, I'd like the remaining songs to come out as an out-takes album one day, but they'll probably be used for B-sides and special releases.’
    • ‘I think the out-takes are pretty revealing because you usually see Jackie getting hurt or something going awry.’
    • ‘Are the three new songs really new, or are they out-takes from previous albums?’
    • ‘The three Anthology albums of unreleased out-takes attracted an unprecedented level of media attention.’
    • ‘The overall effect was similar to a record company's release of remixed songs and studio out-takes on a ‘new and improved’ album.’
    • ‘There are plenty of extra tracks and studio out-takes, a fan's treasure trove.’
    • ‘And make sure you stay for the monster out-takes as the final credits roll.’
    • ‘What I'd forgotten was that a fascinating hour-long ‘Making of’ on the disc also includes bits of the out-takes.’