Definition of outstay in US English:



[with object]
  • Stay beyond the limit of (one's expected or permitted time)

    ‘employees who had outstayed their coffee break’
    • ‘I will outstay everything for the seasonal observance.’
    • ‘Shopkeepers said the wardens were prowling up and down the street waiting to pounce on anyone outstaying their parking time - and their actions were driving away customers, with takings in some shops down by 25 per cent.’
    • ‘As far as longevity is concerned, Torrance has outstayed them all.’
    • ‘But there may be stronger forces pulling at CEOs to outstay their usefulness.’
    • ‘One was an asylum seeker who had outstayed his British visa.’
    • ‘The remainder were described by the Home Office as ‘over-stayers’, who entered the country legally but outstayed their visas.’