Definition of outsize in US English:


(also outsized)


  • Exceptionally large.

    ‘an outsize bed’
    ‘her outsized glasses’
    • ‘The craft could carry 2000 pounds of cargo but it certainly would not be capable of hauling outsized equipment such as spare engines.’
    • ‘What got most of the attention though was his large mouth and exceptionally outsized front teeth.’
    • ‘He holds back huge multi-pointed leaves to reveal plants thick with buds and outsized aubergines, the size of a well-blown up football.’
    • ‘I'm skeptical that there aren't equally outsized egos in the graphic design community, up and down the ladder of experience.’
    • ‘Since so many environmentalists think this way they tend to have an outsized influence on framing how environmental issues get debated.’
    • ‘On one, a farmhouse is enclosed by a wildly outsized path.’
    • ‘The entrance is marked by the word ‘mediatheque’ printed in playful outsized letters on the sliding doors.’
    • ‘Indeed, we suspect gold is likely to grab an outsized share of the immediate future, thanks to the substantial pressures weighing on the US Dollar.’
    • ‘You open another and come across a giant animatronic cat, trying to catch an equally outsized mouse.’
    • ‘Eventually, they came up with three clickable buttons that are centered beneath an outsized, horizontal LCD screen.’
    • ‘Even so, it would take nothing less than Babe Ruth's outsized personality and equally enormous home runs to let baseball fans believe again.’
    • ‘Everything about going to the movies today is outsized, except the size of the screening room you end up in.’
    • ‘In the process, he's increasing the already outsized power of his tiny state in high-profile corporate transactions.’
    • ‘A larger frame woman would be more flattered by muted plaid, and no one really looks terrific in a completely outsized plaid.’
    • ‘Her brown boots with their outsized 12 cm heels are just too cool for her to worry about details like being able to walk without teetering.’
    • ‘Information is collected routinely on purchases of outsized clothing, or of slimming products.’
    • ‘The men worked extra shifts when malfunctions occurred: heavy machine parts and outsized tools had to be moved.’
    • ‘To be able to lift their outsized jaws, the assassins evolved elongated necks, giving the spiders a unique ability to strike from a distance.’
    • ‘Like opera itself, the novel is outsized and outrageous, with evil curses, nervous breakdowns, and overwhelming arias.’
    • ‘Over time, the imperial tented bed became an outsized symbol of the Empire style's most recognizable design.’
    huge, oversized, enormous, gigantic, very big, very large, great, giant, colossal, massive, mammoth, vast, immense, tremendous, monumental, prodigious, mountainous, monstrous, elephantine, king-sized, king-size, gargantuan, herculean, brobdingnagian, substantial, extensive, hefty, bulky, weighty, heavy, gross
    very large, big, massive, fat, corpulent, gross, obese, overweight, stout, fleshy, heavy, plump, portly, chubby, rotund, podgy, roly-poly, paunchy, pot-bellied, beer-bellied, ample, well upholstered, broad in the beam, bulky, bloated, flabby, falstaffian
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  • An exceptionally large person or thing, especially a garment made to measurements larger than the standard.