Definition of outset in US English:



  • The start or beginning of something.

    ‘a field of which he had known nothing at the outset and learned on the job’
    • ‘From the outset, we were invited to believe that compassion and warfare would be interwoven.’
    • ‘He said that from the outset, bosses pledged to avoid compulsory redundancies if possible.’
    • ‘First of all, make sure you decide from the outset how much you are willing to spend.’
    • ‘He acknowledges that one potential problem was not becoming a trustee himself from the outset.’
    • ‘At the outset, you are led into a room stacked to the ceiling with hamster cages.’
    • ‘So we realised from the outset that we needed to avoid making mistakes and needed to maintain the pressure.’
    • ‘Surely this is a conclusion that ought to have been obvious from the outset?’
    • ‘There was only one side trying to play rugby from the outset at Percy Road.’
    • ‘Overwhelmingly negative from the outset, the campaign has been all about being right.’
    • ‘The odds are stacked against the villains from the outset, robbing the reader of much suspense.’
    • ‘The premise is so simple, and so utterly unlike any previous Bond movie that it grips you from the outset.’
    • ‘Trapping very fast on the wide outside he had his opponents in trouble from the outset.’
    • ‘I want my email program to be well-behaved, and reasonably secure from the outset.’
    • ‘Just how difficult it was going to be for the Irishman was evident from the outset.’
    • ‘I didn't really like the look of this from the outset, and skipped over it, to complete it later.’
    • ‘At the outset of the war there appeared to be three scenarios facing allied forces.’
    • ‘His banking background means he is careful not to overstate the possibilities from the outset.’
    • ‘You just know from the outset that something is going to go horribly wrong and sure enough it does, in spades.’
    • ‘As I said from the outset, I think this whole conception is fundamentally in error.’
    • ‘At the outset, the judge had agreed to my appearance, but that was before my report was received.’
    start, starting point, beginning, arrival, appearance, first appearance, dawn, birth, origin, inception, conception, opening, launch, inauguration, institution, initiation, debut, creation, day one, the first
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  • at (or from) the outset

    • At or from the beginning.

      • ‘If you had wanted mercy from me you should have listened to my servant at the outset.’
      • ‘She was looking good at the outset and was among the first few jumpers to make the final with a fluent attempt.’
      • ‘In fairness, it should be said at the outset that radio in general is enjoying greater popularity than ever before.’
      • ‘At the end of the year your money will be moved into another HSBC account, which you must nominate at the outset.’
      • ‘This may sound like a negative thing to do at the outset, but it can actually be quite fun!’
      • ‘Fearing the two groups might join forces to fight a common enemy, it was better to set them against each other at the outset.’
      • ‘He also wants everyone to know that he and his wife donated 1m at the outset.’
      • ‘Emma says it is crucial that the nanny and the family set out their expectations and draw up a clear job description at the outset.’
      • ‘There was little need for sun cream or shorts in Glasgow's West End at the outset, but this hardly mattered.’
      • ‘Of course you must allow the patient to tell his complete story as he sees it at the outset.’