Definition of outré in English:



  • Unusual and startling.

    ‘in 1975 the suggestion was considered outré—today it is orthodox’
    • ‘The fourth piece features music that's more like a fascinating pattern of rhythmic buzzes, which makes you realize that the first piece wasn't as outré as you might have thought.’
    • ‘The pool is ornate, almost outré, decorated with lotus ponds from which radiate leaf-shaped flowerbeds planted with banana trees, palms and cypresses.’
    • ‘Unlike some of his more outré designs, it is highly practical.’
    • ‘In those days, having a beard was considered outré.’
    • ‘His musical predilections are equally outré by hip-hop standards.’
    • ‘It's more a willingness, if you like, to go into areas that are a little more outré than otherwise might be the case.’
    • ‘That's more than a month's wages for a middle-class man here - if they had anything as outré and modern as a middle class.’
    • ‘In this particular phase of Western literature, one of autobiography, perhaps a novelist of ideas, and rather outré ones at that, is simply unpalatable.’
    • ‘Here's the rest of the thing about Danny: he tried to play the ‘creative’ role, with the long hair, signifier glasses and outré (for the context) clothes.’
    • ‘However, there is something off-puttingly outré about her angular, gangly performance which would never connect to a sufficient degree with the international TV audience.’
    • ‘Sometimes rocky, sometimes synthy, and sometimes both, they were on a whole different level from the self-consciously outré cabaret nouveau acts which had preceded them.’
    • ‘I try to stop laughing, not because it offends her - we always play these kinds of incidents for laughs with each other - but because it's so outré that I have to say.’
    • ‘Although seemingly outré in colour, the portrait chair, with its effect of framing the sitter, is suggestive of the formality of that era but, as with most of his work, it is tempered by his wit and sophisticated design sensibility.’
    • ‘If you want to generate outré comments for your blog, take my advice: write light-heartedly about something some people take seriously.’
    • ‘Admittedly, the tie was somewhat outré by my standards, brightly coloured yet still, in my opinion, tasteful.’
    • ‘The sextet then travel through more outré territory - one minute a skewed blues, the next noiseplay, then a hyperactive marching band.’
    • ‘Here, they have made a path that winds, through the jungle, past some rather outré sculptures.’
    • ‘Don't be unduly weird, obscure, or generally outré.’
    • ‘While you are not asserting this as existing fact, you are clearly offering a rather outré science-fiction work as a serious social prediction.’
    • ‘He's very matter-of-fact, but occasionally allows himself a wry chuckle at some particularly outré coup de théâtre.’
    weird, queer, outlandish, offbeat, far out, freakish, grotesque, quirky, zany, eccentric, off-centre, idiosyncratic, unconventional, unorthodox, funny, bizarre, fantastic, unusual, extraordinary, strange, unfamiliar, unknown, unheard of, alien, foreign, peculiar, odd, curious, atypical, irregular, anomalous, deviant, abnormal, quaint, out of the way, ludicrous, preposterous
    way-out, wacky, freaky, kooky, screwy, kinky, oddball, cranky
    off the wall, in left field, bizarro
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French, literally exceeded past participle of outrer (see outrage).