Definition of outlet valve in US English:

outlet valve


  • A valve that controls the escape of fluid or gas from a pipe, channel, or duct.

    ‘the outlet valve was connected to a pump’
    • ‘An inlet and an outlet valve ensure flow in one direction.’
    • ‘The system comprises inlet and outlet valves located at the corners of each hold or tank, and a network of pipes.’
    • ‘Like all early WC cisterns, his version relied on a simple lifting or weighted outlet valve.’
    • ‘Outlet valves controlling water are placed in one or more locations further down from the heater by the hot water line.’
    • ‘He has given me all the advice I could possibly need about kitchen sinks and outlet valves for radiators.’
    • ‘The quick-closing outlet valve of the generator daily service tank closed, causing both of the generator engines to stop.’
    • ‘His cistern used a vertical spindle to hold the ball cock up, preventing the admission of fresh water while the outlet valve to the flush pipe was open.’
    • ‘Compression pushes the oil through the outlet valve into the high pressure chamber.’
    • ‘The differential pressure between the pressure cabin and the environment is controlled by the cabin air outlet valves.’
    • ‘The pressure forces the closure of the outlet valve.’