Definition of outgeneral in US English:



[with object]
  • Get the better of by superior strategy or tactics.

    ‘wherever he had met them, under whatever conditions, he had outgeneraled and outfought them’
    • ‘The truth be told, for the first time in the war he was simply outgeneraled by his opponent and he utterly failed to manage effectively his subordinate commanders over the course of the three-day battle.’
    • ‘He took over just before the first major offensive in 1950 and was outgeneralled.’
    • ‘As John Adams would wryly say later, ‘In general, our generals were outgeneralled.’’
    • ‘The Surveyor at the front rank of tax assessment may have been outgeneralled by a small but active body of higher civil servants and interested industrialists.’
    • ‘But the British were outnumbered, outgeneraled and outmaneuvered.’