Definition of outfitter in US English:


(also outfitters)


North American
  • 1An establishment that sells clothing, equipment, and services, especially for outdoor activities.

    ‘an outfitter that provides professional guides’
    • ‘In his many years as an angler, businessman, and conservation leader, this gentle demeanor helped bring together local meat fishermen, outfitters, wealthy anglers, conservationists, and ranchers.’
    • ‘One of the area's biggest outfitters had only 18 hunters in blinds Monday; the most successful group among them returned with a handful of teal and just one ‘regular duck.’’
    • ‘It is also the centerpiece of a small industry of outfitters, taxidermists and manufacturers of outdoor equipment and weapons.’
    • ‘For those who don't want to plan logistics and acquire mountains of survival gear, guided tours with qualified outfitters or environmental groups provide a safe and enjoyable way to see the area.’
    • ‘For hunters who want to use an outfitter, keep a list of guides in your store.’
    • ‘At the start of rainy season, wildebeest gather in the Serengeti for their summer migration, and outfitters discount trips for those willing to deal with mud.’
    • ‘These exciting destinations and outfitters make it easy to get conditioned for an outdoor fitness adventure on your next vacation.’
    • ‘They agreed with biologists and outfitters that predation and harassment were factors in the decline, but they vehemently disagreed with them about the role of weather and human hunting.’
    • ‘You can rent the equipment you need from a variety of local outfitters.’
    • ‘For example, sheep that have their lambs outside the biologists' study area, but whose summer range in the study area overlaps an outfitter's concession, will be counted by outfitters but not by biologists.’
    • ‘There may be riggers and outfitters with an equipment-rental company, or a factory-labor temp agency with a computer-personnel agency.’
    • ‘And there may be a silver lining in the current cloud of gloom: Right now, adventure travel bargains are available everywhere as outfitters strive to regain momentum.’
    • ‘Your local outfitter likely sells an array of crampons: hinged, semirigid, and rigid.’
    • ‘Many in the passing crowd are professional outfitters, heavy pistols on their belts, wrangling their parties of Eastern dudes who view the out-of-doors as a combination adventure ride-cum-shopping mall for trophy heads.’
    • ‘There are a few hobbyists who own hunting dogs and can tree lions and bears, but for the majority of hunters, you'll need the services of a professional outfitter if you want to bag a lion.’
    • ‘You never had to worry about anything, because you knew the outfitters had come highly recommended.’
    • ‘We're working to bring in outfitters and operators of hunting lodges who are interested in establishing relationships with retailers as booking agents.’
    • ‘From there, it's a 13-hour drive to the trekking-and-rafting hub of Tyungur; outfitters provide minivan transportation.’
    • ‘On your first time out, go through an outfitter who will provide instruction and rent quality gear.’
    • ‘That short list includes farmers, ranchers, professional outfitters and rural property owners.’
    1. 1.1British dated An establishment that sells men's clothing.
      • ‘Gentlemen's outfitters are traditionally independent clothing shops, often family-run, trading in men's clothes and accessories.’
      • ‘A walk down the high street reveals two posh dress shops, a complete body therapist, a Highland outfitters, an art gallery and a deli selling expensive sandwiches.’
      • ‘The post office in leafy Breary Lane, was the target of armed raiders a year ago - just when the village lost its policeman - and a men's outfitters that used to be at the other end of the parade was often ram-raided.’
      • ‘A couple of years ago, when you went to a shop it would be in the style of a gentleman's outfitters.’
      • ‘Her children have grown up and gone to work - her daughter in a lightbulb factory and her son in a gents' outfitters.’
      clothier, tailor, couturier, couturière, stylist, costumier, dressmaker, garment maker, cutter, seamstress
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