Definition of outfield in English:



  • 1The grassy area beyond the infield.

    • ‘In high-traffic areas, where players stand in the outfield, we use rubber crumbs from recycled tires.’
    • ‘He is learning to play the corner outfield positions.’
    • ‘All had secured a high-priced placement along stadium billboards and outfield fences.’
    • ‘He recently learned to play the outfield corners and is an outstanding pinch hitter.’
    • ‘The ball is sent scuttling through the outfield with fielders trailing in its wake.’
    1. 1.1 The part of the field furthest from the wicket.
      • ‘Ludicrous plans to move the entire stadium away from the sea had happily been shelved and his team of helpers were raking stones off the outfield by hand.’
      • ‘No-one takes guard at the wicket and the outfield is as rough as a public park.’
      • ‘The first two days of play had been interrupted due to intermittent showers and a soggy outfield.’
      • ‘It was a slow wicket with an outfield I wouldn't have played football on, and it was never going to be easy to score runs.’
      • ‘The wicket and outfield was so batsman friendly that any batsman worth his salt could have turned the match on its head.’
    2. 1.2treated as singular or plural The players stationed in the outfield, collectively.
      • ‘The club has one of the fastest outfields in the majors.’
      • ‘The move also gave the A's one of the game's best defensive outfields.’
      • ‘As yesterday's game showed the outfield is an embarrassment.’
      • ‘That makes you think back to the days of the star outfields in the National League, when you had Mays, Aaron, Clemente and Frank Robinson.’
      • ‘Philadelphia's outfield is full of question marks.’
      • ‘Two-thirds of the starting outfield is new.’
      • ‘The Mariners' outfield was a revolving door last season thanks to injuries and ineffectiveness.’
    3. 1.3as modifier Relating to or denoting all of the players in a team apart from the goalkeeper.
      ‘the outfield players’
      ‘he has played in all of the outfield positions during his career’
      • ‘The sight of the outfield player anxiously pulling on an outsized goalkeeper jersey is too rarely seen in these days of substitute goalkeepers.’
      • ‘In spite of dominating the outfield play Hibs found themselves trailing to a couple of spectacular goals by the Hearts forward, Colquhoun.’
      • ‘A thrilling 70th minute move involving two thirds of Liverpool's outfield players produced an incisive fourth goal.’
      • ‘The financial tumult at the club has had a galvanising effect but he says that with a squad of only 17 outfield players, good fortune and consistency will be key to top-flight survival.’
      • ‘To be fair the quality of the outfield positions are excellent now but the goalkeepers are actually woeful.’
  • 2The outlying land of a farm.

    • ‘Infields and outfields are not internally fenced but are separated by a stone wall.’