Definition of outdrive in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Drive a golf ball farther than (another player)

    ‘he outdrove his playing partners by as much as seventy-five yards’
    • ‘Trying to outdrive other long hitters was irresistible to me.’
    • ‘Nothing intimidates a golfer like being outdriven by 40 yards.’
    • ‘He will outdrive him all day, and pressure him with birdies.’
    • ‘I outdrove him by 30 yards and waited to see what he was going to do with his second shot.’
    • ‘Though they have to deal with the psychological effects of constantly being outdriven, top older players believe they gain a mental advantage over young guns who have had big expectations placed on them.’
  • 2Drive a vehicle better or faster than (someone else)

    ‘he knew he couldn't outdrive the police’
    • ‘We literally had people in vehicles who couldn't outdrive the fire in some spots.’
    • ‘She flat-out outdrove the guys in the race, and that's what you look for when choosing a driver.’


  • The portion of an inboard-outboard engine that is outside the hull, providing steering and propulsion.

    • ‘There are alternatives to this set-up where a ‘jack-shaft’ is used, which in simple terms means the engine is amidships and connected to the outdrive on the transom by a shaft which commonly runs through a tunnel under the deck.’
    • ‘If you are on a tight budget, consider installing a hydrofoil stabilizer on the lower unit of your outdrive or outboard.’
    • ‘I also had major corrosion problems with my outdrive.’
    • ‘While the propulsion system does have a slightly higher price tag, replacing an expensive outdrive could be a thing of the past.’
    • ‘For another, while steadfastly denying there's a problem with its outdrives, it has issued a service bulletin describing an elaborate protocol of tests to determine why they corrode.’