Definition of outdatedness in US English:



  • See outdated

    • ‘Identifying California with the future, their novels predict their own outdatedness; they become boats against the current, condemned to search for living tradition in the vaults and graveyards of the British past.’
    • ‘Given the wealth of new insights that economic historians of the region have offered over the past ten years, this suggests a volume that teeters on the verge of outdatedness at publication.’
    • ‘I think it's these areas that people are immersed in when they're moved to speak of Freud's outdatedness, and perhaps rightly so.’
    • ‘These frozen, silent moments were punctuated by the hum, whir and click of slide projectors changing and revolving, reminding us of their outdatedness and sheer physicality.’
    • ‘Then there are songs that simply explode with outdatedness.’