Definition of outcall in English:



  • A visit by an escort, prostitute, etc., to the address of the caller.

    • ‘And unlike the outcall ladies, who visit the client in his space, having a dedicated workspace means you're a fixed target.’
    • ‘Those working outcalls should always tell someone they trust the location and phone number of where they're going, who they're going to see and how long they expect to be there.’
    • ‘An independent escort is usually someone who offers both incalls and outcalls.’
    • ‘It's very much like the way there is no ambiguous common-sense basis for the interpretation of the terms incall and outcall as used by massage services.’
    • ‘Well, he wants me to do an outcall, for starters.’
    • ‘When I was working I was a 40-kilogram heroin-addicted prostitute and often did outcalls to men who are, you know, six-foot-six, 100 kilograms, never really sure of my safety.’
    • ‘This means sex workers can only legally make outcalls to ad hoc places, leaving them vulnerable; even using the same hotel frequently can be illegal.’
    • ‘I remember one woman who called and asked, ‘Do you do incall or outcall?’’
    • ‘She worked for a service in midtown where she did in and outcalls.’
    • ‘But in that same scenario the client also has to call out on the phone from the hotel to find where it is, and go out to that address, so in a sense it could also be thought of as outcall: you call out and then you go out.’
    • ‘Others wising up to the concept of variety conduct business both on an outcall (hotel, your house) and incall (you going to them) basis.’