Definition of outbound in US English:


adverb & adjective

  • Traveling away from a particular place, especially on the first leg of a round trip.

    as adjective ‘an outbound flight’
    as adverb ‘flying outbound’
    • ‘The collision is believed to have happened as one aircraft returned to the carrier and the other was flying outbound, having just refuelled.’
    • ‘An alternative outbound flight had been sourced within 5 minutes of the original one.’
    • ‘We took a different flightpath to my outbound journey; the landscape was much more urban, but still noticeably Dutch.’
    • ‘The outbound date of travel determines the fare for the entire journey and ticketing must be within seven days of booking.’
    • ‘Thirty-five percent of outbound travelers went to China, while 23 percent headed to Southeast Asia.’
    • ‘I was now, however, on familiar territory having travelled along these forest roads on my outbound journey.’
    • ‘There will be no offers on outbound continental flights on Fridays or return flights on Sundays.’
    • ‘The incident caused a number of inbound and outbound flights to be cancelled, diverted or delayed.’
    • ‘Though inbound and outbound flights were delayed after the fire, things were back to normal by afternoon.’
    • ‘Also, work will continue on a ramp taking motorists from the inbound bridge to the outbound Parkway East.’
    • ‘The runway was closed for an hour from about 7pm and several outbound flights were cancelled and inbound planes were diverted to Luton.’
    • ‘The return train journey was equally as efficient as the outbound, although I think we all dozed through most of it.’
    • ‘Inbound traffic was re-routed through the adjacent Victorian archway, which was previously used only by outbound vehicles.’
    • ‘Every year, Taiwan registers around eight million outbound travelers and two million inbound visitors.’
    • ‘I'm glad I didn't exercise my upgrade options on this outbound leg of the trip.’
    • ‘I certainly felt safer on the return leg than on the outbound leg.’
    • ‘There were similar scenes at Aberdeen and Edinburgh airports where inward and outbound flights were delayed for up to three hours.’
    • ‘This in turn enhances the outbound market, which has been witnessing a downtrend for the past few months, due to varied reasons.’
    • ‘This includes inbound tourism but not outbound tourism.’
    • ‘The outbound tunnel, renovated last year, now is being used for inbound traffic.’