Definition of outboard in English:


adverb & adjective

  • 1On, toward, or near the outside, especially of a ship or other vehicle.

    as adjective ‘the outboard rear seats’
    as adverb ‘the chart table faces outboard’
    • ‘There are four fuel tanks, with an inboard and an outboard tank in each wing, of total fuel capacity 3,220 litres.’
    • ‘The rear suspension is revised to allow the formerly staggered rear dampers to be mounted further outboard and nearly vertical.’
    • ‘The outboard section of the aircraft's left wing was bent in the vertical direction and twisted along with the aircraft's approximate lateral axis.’
    • ‘Operating from primitive strips, bombs on outboard pylons were apparently overstressing the wing because of flexing while operating on the uneven terrain.’
    • ‘Also, at takeoff the two outboard auxiliary tanks were full with 412 gallons each.’
    • ‘It ‘turns’ out that the tip wands are wound a certain way and you have to take some care in placing them in the ends of the carbon fiber outboard leading edges.’
    • ‘The pod was then moved to an outboard wing panel and the installation worked fairly well.’
    • ‘The left and right outboard wing sections were lodged in trees 20 feet northeast of the main wreckage.’
    • ‘The wing also features three sets of vortex generators on the outboard wing to improve aileron response at high angles of attack.’
    • ‘The two outboard rudders and the two outboard fins were interchangeable right and left.’
    • ‘The outboard leading edge on one side was broken and the control frame was in bad shape.’
    • ‘In the upper sections were the rudder tab actuating units, a navigation light showing on the outboard side only, one elevator control pulley and two rudder tab control pulleys.’
    • ‘Three underwing pylons are fitted under each inner wing panel, the outboard pair carrying three missiles and the other two single missiles.’
    • ‘As we pulled up to the aircraft, I noticed that the start-cart was positioned exactly where we asked it to be placed, outboard the starboard nacelle, with the exhaust positioned behind the wing.’
    • ‘To the right aileron, the lower cable passed over a pulley at station 15, and from this point outboard the system was similar to that on the left hand side.’
    • ‘The airframe is exactly the same for the new sail, though we will be offering carbon outboard leading edges and dive sticks once the set up is finalised.’
    • ‘The second portion was the leading edge of the outboard panels and these were all metal and housed the gun ports.’
    • ‘Wright and the volunteers will remove the outboard wings, the rudders, inlet spikes, nose, and various other parts.’
    • ‘It has four elevons on the inboard and outboard trailing edge of the wing.’
    • ‘The base glider is a solid package, but if you like carbon, there are numerous options to choose from - outboard leading edges, dive struts, and carbon battens.’
    1. 1.1as adjective (of a motor) portable and usually mounted on the outside of the stern of a boat.
      • ‘Alternatively, boats with outboard motors provide the perfect way to cover more of the water, and as well as coming across larger, stocked brown trout, there is the chance of encountering Arctic char.’
      • ‘Fishing has been a way of life on the waterways of India's Kerala state for millennia, but in more recent years some of the ancient boats have added small outboard engines.’
      • ‘Nomad models are powered by outboard engines which range from 9.9 to 50 hp.’
      • ‘Another had done similar mischief damaging boats and outboard motors.’
      • ‘Fortunately there was a fishing craft with an outboard engine tied to another palm nearby.’
      • ‘Never smoke near petrol, which means never in any boat with an outboard motor.’
      • ‘The fee they get is not enough to buy outboard motors for their canoes.’
      • ‘The cup is for small punts with outboard motors of 10 hp or less.’
      • ‘The paramilitaries killed birds, cattle and domestic animals and took away people's means of livelihood, including all the boats and the outboard motors.’
      • ‘When not avoiding jungle walks I would go on low-lying, scarily thin boats with outboard motors that would race you out to the water villages.’
      • ‘"We were on about a 14-foot boat with an outboard motor.’
      • ‘Fishing publications not only spread the word about the Great Lakes sport fishery, they also boosted the growth of a market for boats, outboard engines, fishing tackle, and other related goods and services.’
      • ‘No steps had been taken to replace the fishing boats, outboard motors and nets lost in the tsunami.’
      • ‘Initially, it was intended to buy two fishing boats with outboard motors.’
      • ‘The creation of the Great Lakes sport fishery aided economic growth on the local, regional, and national level by encouraging sales of boats, outboard motors, and fishing tackle.’
      • ‘Each dive resort uses several boats powered by outboard motors of up to 400 hp, and the young male drivers inevitably enjoy roaring about at high speed.’
      • ‘He miscalculated the tides and the whirlpool dragged the outboard engine off his boat and capsized it.’
      • ‘Boat and outboard engine manufacturers were not alone in reaping benefit from the new salmon fishery.’
      • ‘Start-in-gear protection is required only on boats equipped with outboard engines rated for over 115 hp.’
      • ‘Even so, the most commonly owned boats, those with outboard motors, currently average a whopping $11,000 retail.’
    2. 1.2as adjective (of an electronic accessory) in a separate container from the device with which it is used.
      • ‘In addition to traditional musical instruments, it features the ability to play software synth plug-ins, outboard sound modules, and even other pieces of music software.’
      • ‘If you had a great console, there was really no reason for outboard mic pre's.’
      • ‘We have bought fancy outboard mic pre's and microphones and vintage instruments.’
      • ‘Both the surround and the stereo track are so concretely focused in the front and center that one might as well save electricity and shut the outboard speakers off, even with the 5.1 mix in play.’
      • ‘What about any outboard gear, digital effects, synth programming?’
      • ‘I did it the old-fashioned way, using a lot of outboard gear.’
      • ‘With this in mind, I was very interested to hear his new outboard preamp.’
      • ‘The need for preamps is a good case for having an external mixer, because having a professional sound card with multiple analog inputs, no mixer and a bunch of outboard preamps usually is more costly and less flexible than having a mixer.’
      • ‘During a week, we'll probably make five trips: They'll want to try a mic or need more outboard or monitors than they'd anticipated.’
      • ‘The touchpad is pretty typical of such devices - functional when you need it, but an outboard mouse is preferable, especially for gaming.’
      • ‘The optional outboard numeric keypad is a real workhorse but unfortunately most often needs to be positioned to the left of the keyboard unless you want to position your right hand mouse really far away.’
      • ‘The versatile engineer uses minimal outboard gear, relying mostly on the console for EQ and other effects.’
      • ‘Rather than rehashing Aaron's recommendations, I simply refer readers to that article for advice on selecting microphones, mixers, monitor speakers and other outboard gear.’
      • ‘But perhaps the biggest reason for the popularity of outboard preamps stems from users looking for a different performance over the stock preamps in their consoles.’
      • ‘The plug-in manufacturers have developed a real fixation on modeling and mimicking discrete gear, including mics, tape, outboard pieces.’
      • ‘Like any analog-oriented operation, it is stocked with loads of outboard gear and 200 microphones from all major manufacturers.’


  • 1An outboard motor.

    • ‘If you are on a tight budget, consider installing a hydrofoil stabilizer on the lower unit of your outdrive or outboard.’
    • ‘I had my electric outboard and sounder in the boat, so I was fully equipped.’
    • ‘If you have an electric outboard available, this too can be used to slow down a drift.’
    • ‘Long-tails, which are wooden constructions powered by huge outboards, whiz you out to one of the large dayboats that take you on to your dive site.’
    • ‘I returned the motor to the dealer who promptly gave me a new outboard.’
    • ‘Years ago, the common wisdom was that four-stroke outboards would never exceed 100 hp because their complicated innards added considerable weight.’
    • ‘Petrol and diesel are pretty much on a par now when it gets down to the pennies and so the cost factor between diesel and petrol engines rapidly starts to lean in favour of the outboard.’
    • ‘The two powerful outboards churned up streams of white, angry water.’
    • ‘The small outboard wasn't going to win any speed wars, but at least it started.’
    • ‘First, it tells me that the outboard on the dory used by the Scottish divers kept stopping and the dory drifted away from the wreck.’
    • ‘The boats are backed by 130-to 150-horsepower outboards.’
    • ‘Twin outboards of 115 to 150 hp each are a good choice.’
    • ‘One year, you could be sunbathing on the bar roof; the next, struggling with frostbitten fingers to start a sulky outboard in a full-on blizzard.’
    • ‘Other restrictions may involve a limit on the engine capacity of any outboard you may wish to use or even ban the use of outboards altogether.’
    • ‘We dived from two 20-foot aluminum launches with outboards.’
    • ‘It resulted from a sheered steering cable allowing the single outboard to swing with the torque of the prop, turning the boat suddenly and tossing us all into the water.’
    • ‘‘We were like a catamaran with two outboards - one going two knots and the other 20,’ he says.’
    • ‘Not only would that afford us an unimpeded view of the open sea, the roar of the outboard would also postpone any further discussion on my friend's failed relationship.’
    • ‘I've crossed that distance by dinghy, kayak, tiny sailboat and a little rowboat with an outboard.’
    1. 1.1 A boat with an outboard motor.
      • ‘Electric outboards are allowed, and can be hired for £7.00.’
      • ‘By almost 11: 30 Juan and another man appeared from around the corner in a little outboard.’
      • ‘Surely, he says, each outboard should have had an independent fuel tank, and then at least one engine could have seen them safely home without the lifeboat being called out.’
      • ‘Perhaps one of these rubber pontoon outboards would be better.’


  • outboard of

    • To the outside or on the far side of.

      ‘the controls are placed just outboard of the wheel’
      • ‘The rear suspension consists of the expected live axle, though the rear dampers have been placed outboard of the frame rail this time in order to create a longer lever arm for better control over ride motions and reduced impact harshness.’
      • ‘Occasionally they have to nest outboard of another ship.’
      • ‘Walking aft along the fuselage, they look over the tail section and then walk back forward before positioning themselves outboard of the engine and slightly aft of the wing line.’
      • ‘Later, these functions will move outboard of the servers and will be implemented as either an in-band or out-of-band function in the storage network itself.’
      • ‘Later these functions will move outboard of the connected servers implemented as either an inband or out-of-band function in the storage network itself.’
      • ‘It used a pair of stout elastic bands, one on each side outboard of the cylinders, to help out on the compression strokes.’
      • ‘As these functions move outboard of the application servers, they will be implemented as either an in-band or out-of-band function in the storage fabric itself.’
      • ‘Consider a few points: First, chafe gear secured to a line will move with the line, and may end up many feet outboard of where it started.’
      • ‘It had six of them, three per side, evenly spaced, and completely outboard of the thing's body.’
      • ‘Each flap was 58-inches long and extended in a V from the underside of the wing just outboard of the booms.’