Definition of outbid in US English:


verboutbids, outbidding

[with object]
  • Offer to pay a higher price for something than (another person)

    ‘residential builders could always outbid any farmer for the land’
    • ‘Now he tries to outbid us with claims about the number of civil servants he's going to sack.’
    • ‘Firstly, somebody outbid me in the last two minutes of an auction.’
    • ‘I could hardly believe it when I was outbid by so much.’
    • ‘I bought it at an auction and outbid a man who looked like Santa Claus.’
    • ‘He acted on a gut feeling and stepped in to pay £5 for the dish, outbidding a woman who was trying to haggle the stallholder down to £1.’
    • ‘Unconfirmed reports suggested that he had created many enemies as he was able to outbid his opponents for many government projects.’
    • ‘If anyone outbids me in the next hour I'm going to unleash my fists of fury.’
    • ‘Again and again I was frustratingly outbid, then finally I sunk one.’
    • ‘It seems the deep-pocketed lady has taken to spending every waking hour outbidding anyone who dares cross her path.’
    • ‘‘We looked for more than a year and a half, but things were selling so fast and people kept outbidding us,’ he explains.’
    • ‘They are outbidding anyone who wants to buy a pharmacy.’
    • ‘I was outbid on everything but the filters, which I'd only really bid on to reduce postage from the seller.’
    • ‘Between that and the vendor signing the contract, there were two other buyers who tried to outbid me.’
    • ‘This person, because of his low bid, will miss out on the opportunity to own the car altogether since his rivals will simply outbid him.’
    • ‘No one can outbid you after the sale and the vendor is equally legally bound to complete the sale on the day and under the terms stipulated in the contract.’
    • ‘To outbid another player, you must bid a higher number.’
    • ‘They just outbid us and that was a disappointment.’
    • ‘One of these allowed a security firm to win contracts by outbidding its rivals, courtesy of its lower labour costs.’
    • ‘The other bidder thought himself to be clever and waited with his bid until eight seconds before the end of auction and obviously did not have the time to place another bid when he saw that he was still outbid.’
    • ‘They bought it unexpectedly by outbidding me at auction a few months ago, saying that as they live opposite it, they wanted to ensure my rival at the auction didn't get it.’