Definition of outbalance in US English:



[with object]
  • Be more valuable, important, or influential than; make up for.

    ‘their high capacity outbalances this defect’
    • ‘The lesson of the trial was that destroying the credibility of witnesses is a defence strategy that can outbalance the traditional heavyweight pointers of motive, means and opportunity.’
    • ‘But every rose garden has its thorns, and for me the incredible rewards of French Polynesia far outbalance the shortcomings.’
    • ‘Further, reciprocity can be interpreted as flowing from the individual's desire to outbalance rule violations with offsetting moves in order to re-establish regularity.’
    • ‘I therefore think the positives might outbalance the negatives.’
    • ‘This official said, ‘We've seen no new material that the threat is that great, that the risks outbalance acting with force.’’
    • ‘Especially prominent is the soundtrack, though it never overshadows or outbalances the dialogue, keeping it crisp and clear.’
    • ‘That would only arise when, having given them substantial weight, there are other matters which outbalance them.’
    be greater than, exceed, be superior to, take precedence over, take priority over, prevail over, have the edge on, have the edge over, preponderate over, override, tip the balance against, tip the scales against, turn the balance against, turn the scales against, supersede, offset, cancel out, make up for, more than make up for, overbalance, compensate for, redress
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