Definition of out of the picture in US English:

out of the picture


  • No longer involved; irrelevant.

    ‘hostages were better left out of the picture’
    • ‘That's me and, I imagine, a few million others, well out of the picture.’
    • ‘However they had two players sent off and faded out of the picture in the second half - even failing to get a single score.’
    • ‘But when you take the operations chief out of the picture, it does pose a lot of problems.’
    • ‘This pattern of politics leaves people who don't fit into either category completely out of the picture.’
    • ‘However, he quickly found that he was not achieving results and that the future was in danger of arriving with him out of the picture.’
    • ‘I was out of the picture and they were certainly looking to offload.’
    • ‘I told him basically, if he was seeing somebody else, that I was out of the picture.’
    • ‘Well all of that is true, and so most writers trying to convince other people of something tend to leave themselves out of the picture.’
    • ‘We'd need him out of the picture to release the surplus for spending.’
    • ‘His team had been out of the picture in the first half with Hearts dominating possession and carving the vast majority of chances.’