Definition of out of one's mind in US English:

out of one's mind


  • 1Having lost control of one's mental faculties.

    • ‘The condition of alienation, of being asleep, of being unconscious, of being out of one's mind, is the condition of the normal man.’
    • ‘As time goes by, the community simply sees Mala as a crazy old woman: not only out of touch but out of her mind.’
    • ‘I think there's something in that cup besides tea because you're out of your mind!’
    • ‘The truck driver, in a green shirt, paced the cordoned off area, obviously distraught and somewhat out of his mind.’
    • ‘As much as I had grown fond of these three people in these few days, I still believed they were all crazy out of their mind.’
    • ‘Yesterday morning, if you told me I'd be in the state of Vermont, buying pencils today, I'd have said you were out of your mind.’
    • ‘If you thought differently you were out of your mind.’
    • ‘I met with the Director General of Operations and he, being an honest guy, looked at me: ‘Shelley Ann, are you out of your mind?’’
    • ‘And it's like you're mad, you're out of your mind.’
    • ‘If I'm gonna get mad and be bitter about hearing my name in a trade rumor, then I gotta be crazy and out of my mind.’
    mad, insane, deranged, demented, not in one's right mind, non compos mentis, unbalanced, mad as a hatter, mad as a march hare, away with the fairies
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    1. 1.1informal Suffering from a particular condition to a very high degree.
      ‘she was bored out of her mind’
      • ‘Totally bored out of your mind, here are some games you can play in the field.’
      • ‘Some of what I see at first hand among young people in the disco and night club scene would frighten you out of your mind,’ he added.’
      • ‘Besides the fact that you're scared out of your mind that this plot will come crashing down upon your ears?’
      • ‘It is amazing how difficult it is to find them out when you are half out of your mind with worry and embarrassed/scared to talk to the people you need to help you.’
      • ‘What makes you hide under the covers at night, makes you want to call for your mother, and scream so loud that everyone in the world will know that you are frightened out of your mind?!’
      • ‘Then you'd think you were in some enchanted forest that you get to go into everyday and be bored out of your mind.’
      • ‘Or maybe just bored out of your mind not listening to a lecture that you do not care for.’
      • ‘How often have you sat in an English class buried in some dusty tome, bored out of your mind?’
      • ‘Well you always say no, even though its obvious you're bored out of your mind.’
      • ‘I giggled - insanely nervous out of my mind - as the boys went over last minute music stuff.’
      frantic, beside oneself, berserk, distraught, in a frenzy
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