Definition of out of it in English:

out of it


  • 1Not included; rejected.

    ‘I hate feeling out of it’
    • ‘I'm not from a theatrical background… I didn't have any confidence and I felt out of it.’
    • ‘When they talked about things at school, I felt so out of it. I really missed being like them!’
  • 2Unaware of what is happening as a result of being uninformed.

    • ‘I am always being accused of being out of it, so it's reassuring to know that ignorance is a two-way street.’
    1. 2.1 Unable to think or react properly as a result of being drowsy.
      • ‘And he looked rather distraught, somewhat out of it, and not at his best for sure.’
      • ‘He has been pretty out of it since arriving home.’
      • ‘She would be awake, yet confused and out of it, not completely there.’
      • ‘I'm writing this the day after the party, and I feel a bit out of it.’
      • ‘Listen, if you're a bit out of it and you want a lift, watch this movie!’
      • ‘As regular readers know, I was in the hospital for two months over the winter and pretty much out of it until May.’
      • ‘She had been sniffling a lot on Friday and was really a bit out of it on Monday.’
      • ‘But as I was on stage looking at the people beside me, it really looked like these fellow students were completely out of it!’
      • ‘I was too out of it to sit up or hold the baby, so the nurse brought her over to me before they took us to our room and I kissed her goodnight.’
      • ‘Let's get the excuses in early: I think I got too much sun on Sunday and I'm running a bit hot and cold and feel a little out of it.’
      confused, muddled, addled, bewildered, disoriented, disorientated, all at sea, mixed up, fazed, perplexed, stunned, dazed, dizzy, stupefied, groggy, foggy, fuzzy, fuddled, benumbed, numbed, numb, vague
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