Definition of out for (someone's) blood in US English:

out for (someone's) blood


  • Set on getting revenge.

    • ‘So every now and again I'm just astounded by the Stoic nature of victims and the fact that they're not always out for the defendant 's blood.’
    • ‘The look in her eyes was the all-too-familiar one experienced just the night before which meant she was out for blood.’
    • ‘Those kids were out for Bliss 's blood, but he had no idea why.’
    • ‘People were out for blood - that sadly is the nature of this game - but he has handled the situation with dignity.’
    • ‘He has come to his senses and the conservatives are out for his blood.’
    • ‘Instead of bothering my kid, he's out for my blood.’
    • ‘It was a good thing that school ended soon, he'd be finishing his courses there and the last thing he wanted was to have this ‘gang’ of students out for his blood.’
    • ‘Her life was now entwined with Michael's, and now April was out for his blood.’
    • ‘But then again, it seems no one cares - there's a witch hunt atmosphere in the air and everyone is out for blood.’
    • ‘Early Christians used them as a place to hide from those out for their blood.’