Definition of out-of-court settlement in US English:

out-of-court settlement


  • A formal arrangement to resolve a lawsuit made between the parties involved without a court's involvement.

    ‘she was awarded compensation in an out-of-court settlement’
    • ‘She has accepted an out-of-court settlement of £3,816 after the incident.’
    • ‘The two men avoided an ugly legal battle by agreeing an out-of-court settlement.’
    • ‘Officials are considering an out-of-court settlement rather than risk full disclosure of sensitive documents.’
    • ‘A young woman left disabled after complications at birth has been awarded £1.8m in an out-of-court settlement.’
    • ‘The two sides are trying to broker an out-of-court settlement.’
    • ‘He has agreed to step down from his position following an out-of-court settlement.’
    • ‘The company has "silently parted with a few million euro" in an out-of-court settlement with the inventor.’
    • ‘A former worker who contracted an asbestos-related illness while employed there has accepted an out-of-court settlement of £120,000 plus legal costs.’
    • ‘An out-of-court settlement was reached at a meeting between the company and 13 men who have been in dispute with the company since walking out in 2001.’
    • ‘An out-of-court settlement saw Scott leave the tribunal building grinning broadly while refusing to reveal the details of the settlement he had reached with his former employer.’