Definition of otter trawl in US English:

otter trawl


  • A trawl net fitted with an otter board.

    • ‘In deeper habitats an otter trawl was towed for two minutes.’
    • ‘They use beam and otter trawls or fine filament nylon driftnets, a form of gear used in the open ocean, suspended in the water by floats like a curtain.’
    • ‘After an initial fall in the fishing effort, following the establishment of the restrictions, the effort of beam trawlers under the 300 hp threshold as well as that of other fleets (otter trawls, shrimp vessels) has increased.’
    • ‘All individuals were captured by otter trawls, gillnets, or handlines.’
    • ‘The salmon fisheries' adoption of pound nets and fish wheels in the 1870s and the introduction of the otter trawl net in 1905 increased catches.’