Definition of ototoxic in US English:



  • Having a toxic effect on the ear or its nerve supply.

    • ‘These medications must be administered carefully in patients who are elderly, have poor renal function, require a prolonged course of medication, or require simultaneous administration of multiple ototoxic agents.’
    • ‘Leading causes of acquired hearing loss include infectious diseases, especially meningitis and otitis media, trauma to the nervous system, damaging noise levels, and ototoxic drugs.’
    • ‘It is assumed that people with dark eyes also have more melanin in the inner ear than those with light eyes, and melanin causes the retention of ototoxic derivatives within the cochlea.’
    • ‘Simultaneous administration of several ototoxic agents or prolonged treatment with high dosages of an ototoxic medication should be avoided when possible.’
    • ‘Exposure to solvents alone significantly increased the risk for hearing loss, most likely the result of ototoxic effects along the auditory pathway.’