Definition of otolaryngological in US English:



  • See otolaryngology

    • ‘Others have also reported treatment with thyroid hormone can ameliorate various otolaryngological problems; however, some investigators have failed to observe any benefit from this treatment.’
    • ‘Two patients had more serious permanent hoarseness and were waiting for otolaryngological review.’
    • ‘Friday night brought a minor but fierce drama to our bunkroom, when her otolaryngological night-symphony (which is to say, her snoring) drove a furious young traveller to sleep in the hall.’
    • ‘Surgical otolaryngological services to the northern half of the Northern Territory of Australia are provided by staff of the Royal Darwin Hospital.’
    • ‘Any patient who has dysphonia for more than two weeks should be referred for otolaryngological examination, especially if they report any high risk factors for organic disease.’