Definition of otaku in English:



  • (in Japan) a young person who is obsessed with computers or particular aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills.

    • ‘He had described it as ‘a gathering place for computer otaku,’ so I had a negative image about the place before seeing it.’
    • ‘For anime fans, this is a landmark production seen as marking the full emergence of otaku culture.’
    • ‘The dysfunctionality of otaku appeared to prove the unhealthy nature of ‘individualistic’ lifestyles.’
    • ‘The series also satirized Japanese fandom, in particular the figure of the geeky ‘fanboy,’ or otaku.’
    • ‘I'll admit up front I'm no otaku; my interest in anime is more casual.’
    • ‘‘No, he usually just kept to himself or talked to the other otaku of the school,’ she said.’
    • ‘Much of the media is currently smitten with the country's booming otaku culture.’
    • ‘So the real otaku may find my slant and my knowledge on the naïve side.’
    • ‘They disgusted her but her sister idolized them with the passion of an otaku.’
    • ‘So if you did another signing, it would be very lovely and make many otaku very happy.’
    • ‘You just don't turn down 10,000 anime fans - from the most devoted otaku to surface plebs like me - with loads of disposable income.’
    • ‘I don't have any trace of the fanboy otaku fetishization of things Japanese that seems to elevate some of the lamest Japanese culture-crud to cult status.’
    • ‘I did indeed meet my high school otaku, my gothic girl, and my shy girl, in the same order, in almost the same ways.’
    • ‘That's one reason it's so easy for little companies like this to do just great with the early adopters with otaku.’
    • ‘You are one of the most complete otaku nutcases I have ever met!’
    • ‘If all anime series coughed up seven episodes per disc, we'd all be happy, happy otaku.’
    • ‘In the otaku world, endangered humanity is frequently saved by children or repaired by magic.’
    • ‘The report reveals that their interests can be shared with video game otaku or comic enthusiasts because animation shows, games and comics often have characters and content in common.’
    • ‘Back when anime fandom in America was in its infancy, otaku (that is, fanboys - but we say that with only love) leapt at the chance to get any bootleg tapes they could from Japan.’
    • ‘It can definitely inspire a chuckle or two from even the most cynical and hardened otaku.’


Japanese, literally your house alluding to the reluctance of such young people to leave the house.