Definition of Ostrogoth in US English:



  • A member of the eastern branch of the Goths, who conquered Italy in the 5th–6th centuries AD.

    • ‘This happened in Spain under the Visigoths and in Italy under the Ostrogoths, but both those kingdoms were swept away.’
    • ‘During the war that followed between Justinian and the Ostrogoths, the Slavs made repeated incursions into the provinces.’
    • ‘The Ostrogoths attacked the western empire via the eastern empire.’
    • ‘The Ostrogoths settled in Italy, the Franks in northern Gaul, the Burgundians in Provence, the Visigoths in southern Gaul and Spain, the Vandals in Africa and the western Mediterranean, and the Angles and Saxons in England.’
    • ‘These groups are collectively termed the Goths (and individually known as the Visigoths, Ostrogoths, Burgundians, and Vandals) and were prominent among the so-called barbarians who destroyed the Western Roman Empire.’


From late Latin Ostrogothi (plural), from the Germanic base of east + late Latin Gothi ‘Goths’.