Definition of osteotome in US English:



  • A surgical instrument for cutting bone, typically resembling a chisel.

    • ‘The surgeon uses an osteotome and mallet together with curettes under direct vision in the proximal canal.’
    • ‘After making the cuts with the oscillating saw blade, the surgeon uses 1 / 4inch and 3/8-inch curved osteotomes to gently lift the bone plugs.’
    • ‘The rhinoplasty technique was tailored to suit each case, and included hump removal using scalpel and osteotomes.’
    • ‘Second, the surgeon uses straight and curved osteotomes to cut the bone parallel to the acetabulum's posterior column.’
    • ‘With attention now focused on the femur, the surgeon inserts a hollow, box osteotome in the femoral canal to create a pilot hole for femoral reaming instrumentation.’